Face Procedures

Brow Lift

Removing wrinkles, vertical lines or frown lines is referred to as a brow lift. A very common procedure, the brow lift is also called a forehead lift. Every patient and their goals are different, so each brow lift procedure is catered directly to their needs. Dr. Kovanda works closely with his patients to outline which areas of the brow line they would like to improve and creates a specialized approach for their unique face.


Cosmetic Goals

Frown lines and creases across the forehead are the most common removal request, although each patient is different. Undesired ridges that develop high on the brow of the nose and between the eyes are often targeted as well.

Is It Right For Me?

Each brow lift is unique and Dr. Kovanda and his team will work with you to outline realistic expectations. Good candidates for a brow/forehead lift include: non-smokers, physically and mentally healthy and the absence of forehead issues or complications.

Kovanda Brow Lift

Dr. Kovanda and his team are dedicated to using the most innovative techniques to help you achieve the results you desire. The Kovanda team always strives to reduce recovery time and get you back to living your life fully!

Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Twin Cities area.