A breast reconstruction procedure can help those who have experienced the effects of breast cancer, injury, or congenital deformities. WIth extensive experience, Dr. Kovanda is equipped to help each individual seeking breast reconstruction. Each individual’s goals are different and Dr. Kovanda and his team work with each patient to provide custom expectations and goals

Cosmetic Goals

Whether seeking breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, or revising a previous breast implant surgery, our skilled surgeons can perform breast reconstructions through both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Is It Right For Me?

To endure the experiences that commonly involve the removal or disfigurement of one’s breast is an emotionally draining process. If you are looking to restore your self-image to the level that you desire, or if think you would benefit physically and emotionally from a breast reconstruction procedure, then you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Kovanda.  Strong candidates for breast reconstruction are non-smokers, those whose breathing is not severely affected by bruises during healing, and emotionally healthy individuals.  

Kovanda Breast Reconstruction

Kovanda Plastic Surgery has years of experience and has performed a multitude of breast reconstruction procedures. Each patient is unique so it is important for you to meet with Dr. Kovanda to discuss your goals for the procedure.

Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Twin Cities area.