Body Procedures

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover: Just like each patient is different, so is every pregnancy. Dr. Kovanda works closely with each patient to outline which areas of the body they desire to restore or improve. The Mommy Makeover at Kovanda Plastic Surgery typically involves breast augmentation or lift in combination with liposuction or tummy tuck.

Cosmetic Goals

If you’re looking for a safe and effective restoration of your post-pregnancy form, Kovanda Plastic Surgery has a solution for women who have completed their childbearing. The results of the Mommy Makeover are immediately visible and will maintain with no further pregnancies or weight gain/loss.

Is It Right For Me?

Good candidates for a Mommy Makeover include women who are physically healthy, are at a stable weight, are bothered by the appearance of their body affected from pregnancy, and are not planning any future pregnancies

Kovanda Mommy Makeover

Get the body you’ve always wanted with a Mommy Makeover from Kovanda. The Kovanda team always strives to reduce recovery time and get you back to living your life and loving your body!

Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Twin Cities area.