Liposuction is a surgical fat removal process that slims or reshapes specific areas of the body such as thighs, hips, abdomen, waist, chest area, cheeks, chin, and neck.

Cosmetic Goals

Liposuction improves body contouring while removing unwanted fat cells in desired areas. The amount of fat removed depends on the volume of fat and the location on the body. Your results are typically permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight.

Is It Right For Me?

Liposuction is not for weight loss, but diet and exercise resistant pockets. It won’t get rid of stretch marks or cellulite, but can help reduce their appearance. A good candidate includes non-smokers, individuals with firm skin who are within 30% of your ideal weight.

Kovanda Liposuction

Dr. Kovanda and his team are dedicated to using the most innovative techniques to help you achieve the results you desire. Kovanda proudly uses the newest advancements in liposuction and body contouring procedures so that you receive a safe and effective body fat removal procedure.

Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Twin Cities area.