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Ashley Sandersstars Posted 7/18/18

Dr. Kovanda is an AMAZING surgeon. He and his staff are amazing. I am beyond happy with my results and would highly recommend him. I felt very at ease before surgery and confident I made the right choice.

alisonmarie04stars Posted 6/2018

It was an amazing experience from the time I walked through the door! Whitney made me feel extremely comfortable and took the time to explain my concerns and walked me through everything. The location is super convenient to get to. The staff are very friendly and the facility is clean, elegant and inviting!

MusicallyAudios4youstars Posted 6/2018

I had a procedure over 10 weeks ago. I waited to write this review because I wanted to make sure I really loved my results and I have to say I’m so happy I went with Dr Kovanda. I was skeptical with his approach due to the lack of information on the internet and other doctors but it made sense since I was not loving my previous under the muscle results. The surgery went well, however, I ended up with a hematoma the day after surgery so I had to go back into surgery a second time. Everyone was so nice and took great care of me. I finally have the natural look and feel I always wanted. I love looking at my before and after photos. It is a huge difference. I would definitely recommend Kovanda Plastic Surgery.

askelly15stars Posted 4/2018

I was curious to learn more about Halo and the hybrid fractional laser to treat sun damage, pigment, fine lines, and pores, without the downtime of traditional fractional lasers! Andrea at Kovanda Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Institute was a wealth of knowledge when it came to options presented to care for my skin, answering all my questions & passing along healthy skin tips I never even knew about.

I chose the Halo treatment. Throughout the entire procedure, she explained what we would be doing and what I could expect every step of the way! I felt comfortable, nervous and excited all in one. The laser was a new sensation and really the only uneasy part was feeling like my skin was a little hot and sun burnt after the procedure. This is perfectly normal and lasted for just a couple of hours. That hot sensation was eased with ice packs that Andrea provided. Andrea has followed up with daily since my treatment to check in on my progress.

AC333stars Posted 4/2018

I decided to get lip injections because I’ve always wanted slightly plumper lips and I always overline my lips when doing my makeup. I also got injections in my nasolabial folds because I didn’t like the deepness of them and how they cast a shadow on my face. My worst fear about injections was that my lips would look ducky and fake. My results were not fake-looking at all! I got one syringe for both my lips and nasolabial folds and am SO happy with the results. My lips look natural and plump, exactly like I wanted. The process was easy and relatively painless and I will definitely be going back for more!

ashleywiermaastarsPosted 4/2018

I’ve been to my second dermapen treatment with Andrea and Kovanda Plastic Surgery and I am so pleased. Andrea has helped me create a treatment plan for my concerns with my skin. She’s also helped me find the best products to achieve my goals. The few times I’ve been to Kovanda Plastic Surgery they have greeted me with warmth, respect, and the utmost consideration. Their bedside manner is top notch. I am so impressed with their services and I recommend them to anyone!

jenjaco stars Posted 3/2018

I can confidently say that I 100% percent made the right decision by choosing Dr. Kovanda to have my surgery of fat transfer to my breasts! Not only does Dr. Kovanda’s work speak for itself, but one consultation with him and you’ll understand why he gets such rave reviews. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone and everyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon they can trust and the before and after pictures speak for themselves!

pnj1234 stars Posted 3/2018

Doctor Kovanda has mastered his craft in fat transfer to the breast! If you are looking for something that looks more natural but gives you a great shape and fullness, and has little to no scarring this procedure is for you. Not only do your breasts come out looking amazing but you also get the plus of liposuction to improve some of your problem areas. You get the benefit of a 2 in 1 type surgery. I am 5 months post op and I can tell you I could not be happier with the results! My scarring is virtually nothing and my results speak for themselves! As for Dr. Kovanda and his staff, I have nothing but great things to say. You will receive an exceptional experience from the time you enter his office until the time you leave.

Courtney Neubarth stars Posted 3/2018

Dr. Kovanda is amazing, he was very nice and professional. I have looked into other doctors and never felt the same comfort he gives. Getting any plastic surgery is a big deal and Dr. Kovanda walks you through it step by step and takes your wants and needs very seriously. I’m very happy with the way my surgery turned out & how well him & his staff have treated me. They really go above and beyond for their patients. I have terrible anxiety and they walked me through everything so well even held my hand until I was under. I would recommend Dr. Kovanda to everyone!! I had the best experience with Dr. Kovanda!

Grimmed stars Posted 3/2018

I am a 21 year Breast Cancer Survivor. I met Dr Kovanda 9 years ago when my original saline implant broke. At that time he replaced that implant with a new silicone implant and did a breast reduction and lift on the other side. He also constructed a nipple for me. The results were amazing and I healed with no issues. This year I went back to him as over time the silicon implant needed replacement. He replaced it with a new gummy bear implant, ( no worries of leakage now) and performed fat transfer to soften my chest above the implant for a more natural look. He took the fat from my abdomen. Bonus! He did a lift on the other side to restore symetry. Again, the procedure went well, I look great and healed without any problems. Dr Kovanda is a caring Surgeon, he learns all the most up to date procedures to give his patients the best reconstruction available. His staff is caring and welcoming. I recommend him to all breast cancer survivors!

Ashley W. stars Posted 3/2018

I was so impressed with Kovanda! First off, the actual office is beautiful. They had a nice chocolate for me to nibble on while I waited for my appointment. Then I met the staff. They are incredible! I worked with Andrea and she was wonderful. She was very knowledgeable and guided me towards the right services for me. She was so nice. I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a good plastic surgeon or aesthetician.

Tema Milhem stars Posted 2/2018

Best Surgeon in the Twin Cities!!!

carlibednarstars Posted 2/2018

Whitney did such a great job injecting Juvederm into my lips, frown lines and the bags under my eyes. Everything is perfectly even and there’s no bumps on my lips from the injection site! I would definitely go back and see her.

Brianna Carney stars Posted 11/2017

Dr.Kovanda is the most kind, gentle, professional doctor and human you could ever choose. I can not speak highly enough about him and my experience with his staff.

Claire Renee stars Posted 9/2017

What an amazing experience! I had Rhinoplasty [ok…nose job] done and it worked out better than I could have ever imagined. The staff is soooo friendly and the after-care allowed me to have a pain free recovery.

Amanda G stars Posted 5/17/2017

He performed surgery on me and the results were fantastic! The recovery was as easy and painless as could be too. He was very helpful and reassuring every step of the way. You couldn’t ask for a more talented and courteous surgeon.

Luisa Fuentes stars Posted 5/11/2017

Dr Chris Kovanda is not only honest and warm, he is brilliant yet compassionate physician with keen eye and architectâs skill for design. Dr. Kovanda has reinvented the doctor-patient relationship and he and his staff treat patients as partners/equals. Most comfortable office, surgery and post op experience Iâve ever had⦠He and his team go the extra mile pre and post op so you never feel like a ânumberâ and genuinely care about you before, during and after his procedures….

Shannen Schmieg stars Posted 5/04/2017

I’m so glad to have found Dr Kovanda!!!! For years I was pushing back the idea of Plastic Surgery. It was last year when I needed to finally have a Breast Reduction and Lift. I was SO nervous. His staff and nurse Kris were AWESOME! Scheduling was easy. Communication was great, easy to reach when needed. My procedure went great. No complicationns. The outcome was beyond my expectations!! I went from a G cup to a D cup. His work is like art. Yes I have a couple scars but that’s expected. I love the look now that everything is healed and I’m back to wearing cute tops and I can now wear tops with the need if ugly bras!
Dr Kovanda gave me back my self-esteem​. Thank You Dr K!!!!!! ð

Liposuction, breast revision, and fat graft stars Posted 2/02/2017

Great surgeon and good bedside manner. I am very happy with the results of my liposuction and fat graft to the breasts. I also had revision of prior implants and they look so much more natural!

Awesome Doctor stars Posted 1/14/2017

Dr Kovanda was wonderful through the surgeries. He was very caring and knows the latest techniques which meant a lot to me as far as healing and the lasting affects of the breast augmentation and tummy tuck.

B.R. stars Posted 11/12/2016

Inclusive and very caring Doctor. He is informative with what to expect and takes the time to listen to what the patient needs. He does phenomenal work!

Fat grafting for breast augmentation stars Posted 6/04/2016

Dr Kovanda listened to me as I outlined my goals and I was very involved in his decision making suggestions.

Skin Haven stars Posted 3/02/2016

I have recently started going to the Aesthetic Institute of Edina because I had received a certificate for a free half hour facial with one of their esthiticians. I was not expecting anything too special, but wow, I was really impressed when I arrived and had my treatment. The location is gorgeous and so elegant, I am used to the boring dermatologists offices. And the staff are all so friendly and fresh and they just make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in. Their spa manager came out to welcome me personally and talked me through the process of the facial that I would be getting. The facial was amazing, the esthetician had such a light touch, but my skin felt so much cleaner and more revived afterwards. She was nice enough to tell me about the products that she was using and they even have skincare lines that they sell in the clinic. I have never been more impressed with a spa, the atmosphere and the treatment that I received was wonderful, and I will definitely be back and telling my friends to come in.

Kelley Mejia stars Posted 2/26/2016

I came to Dr. Kovanda’s office looking for surgical procedures to help boost my confidence in my appearance and was recently introduced to the spa clinic side of the place. The Aesthetic Institute staff are so well rounded and seem to have so much knowledge with skincare. They have so much technology to help you, they have this machine that scans your skin and shows you the damage done to it so that you can better pinpoint what you need to work on. It’s kind of scary once you actually see what you have done to your skin but I am so glad that I did it! I plan on coming in for facials and treatments much more often, and I am always stocking up on products that they get in. Seriously your skin will thank you for taking a trip to them!

Jill G. stars Posted 1/14/2016

I went to Dr. Kovanda for a brazilian butt lift. I had talked to a couple other doctors. One was a family practice doctor that now is doing surgeries. Scary!!! I am so geeked about my results. My body is banging. Dr. Kovanda took me from a 6 to 10!

Princess Gardner stars Posted 12/15/2015

I love Dr.kovanda and Daio is my best friend they are the best this is my fourth surgery I have had lipo fat transfer to butt cresent lift mastopectmy and a tummytuck that I love now I am going back cause I alittle more lipo and Breast inplants I love Dr kovanda he is very caring and understanding the setting is beautiful just like the outcome of all my procedures I am in love with my body.

Chris M.stars Posted 12/10/2015

I found Dr Kovanda and the Daio to be extremely helpful in my decision to try lypo. I have wanted to improve my legs for many years–actually decades. No amount of weight loss would help. Daio counseled that Dr Kov would really consider how he would ‘sculpt’ my sillhouette and that is what he did. Because of my age and skin not as tight as it once was he advised against a radical removal, unless I wanted to do skin removal/tightening surgery, which I opted not to do. Now I feel my legs fit the rest of my body, which was not the case before.

Tami Loganstars Posted 12/3/2015

If you are looking for a doctor who will make you feel valued as a patient, a doctor whose clinic has a very light and friendly atmosphere, and a doctor whose staff are very professional, then I believe that Dr. Kovanda is that doctor. I am beyond impressed with the doctor’s new space, it is so much more inviting and more modern than his old space, I feel a lot more inclined to come in for post op check in appointments.

M. Stephensstars Posted 10/27/2015

My insurance company recommended Kovanda Plastic Surgery for my breast reduction. I very pleased with the results. Dr. Kovanda is personable and his staff is friendly and helpful.

Nothing but the beststars Posted 10/27/2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of my breast reduction. Dr. Kovanda was so kind and did the most amazing job! His work is truly remarkable, and I have requested him to many others. Everyone in the office made the process so easy while easing any fears. Dr. Kovanda and his staff are a very classy act! 🙂 I look forward to visiting again soon.

L. H.stars Posted 10/26/2015

I had a very wonderful experience with Dr. Kovanda and his staff. They all made me feel very comfortable whenever I came into the clinic and they all seemed very professional and nice. Dr. Kovanda made sure that I knew all the pros and cons of the surgeries that I wanted done, and he also made sure that I got all the information I wanted so that I could become educated on the surgeries and make a good choice for me. I am extremely pleased with the results and my experience with the doctor and his staff.

Tummy tuck and breast aug through fat graftingstars Posted 10/21/2015

Dr. Kovanda has a very sincere approach. He talks fast but is willing to answer any questions and always has a good answer.

Skyler G.stars Posted 10/15/2015

I am estatic with my results. I went to Dr. Kovanda for a consultation for Brazialian Butt Lift. I was a bit hesistant since, we are in Minnesota after all. But, Dr. Kovanda and Dayo (manager) put me at ease. I now have the booty that I always wanted. I look amazing in leggings! The whole process was a great experience.

K. Navarrostars Posted 10/15/2015

Recently, divorced. Had spent the last several years in rut. I had always wanted to have plastic surgery done. I decided to stop dreaming and do something about it. I found Dr. Kovanda online. He had great reviews and I now know why. I needed a mommy make over. Dr. Kovanda took his time in explaining to me my options. He made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation (undressed looking at my flaws). I had lipo, breast lift and tummy tuck. I have a vacation coming up and I cannot wait to wear a swimsuit!

C. Mcconnellstars Posted 7/9//2015

Dr. Kovanda was very patient and informative in helping me make my decision to get the Brazilian Butt Lift. He made sure that I was comfortable with the procedure and everything that comes along with it. He and his staff are very helpful, I was able to come in multiple times before and after my surgery, to get answers to my questions about my recovery time and taking care of my wounds. The down time after the surgery seemed very inconvenient at first, but once I talked to Dr. Kovanda and his staff, they made sure that I was able to have a more comfortable recovery and they assisted me in finding ways to make myself more comfortable at home. His staff went so far as to suggest facilities that I could stay at in order to recieve care after my surgery. I am incredibly happy with the results from the surgery and I am thankful that I chose Dr. Kovanda because I really believe that he cared about me and my needs.

S. Snyderstars Posted 7/3/2015

Dr. Kovanda and staff are top notch. Poor Dayo sat with me on the phone eveyother day answering questions for me. They help ease my fears leading unto and after my brazialian butt lift. I am geeked about the way I look! Just in time for all of the summer social gatherings I have coming up. Thank you dr. Kovanda and staff you are all top notch people!

C. Mcbride stars Posted 7/3/2015

I was very nervous to go talk to a plastic surgeon about getting implants, but after my first consultation with Dr. Kovanda, I felt more at ease and even excited to go through with the decision. He made sure to talk through all of my options for a breast augmentation and he gave me more than enough info to guide me to my decision. Instead of rushing me into the decision, Dr. Kovanda let me meet with him for a couple of consultations and his staff was readily available whenever I had questions, even after I had the surgery done. Dr. Kovanda’s staff were very welcoming and made me feel at ease about my decision.

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Christopher J. Kovanda, MD

…I have much to smile about and that smile looks great!
A few years ago I experienced a traumatic injury that could have ended my life but instead left me with a serious and difficult facial wound.  Prior to meeting Dr. Kovanda I thought I’d spend the rest of my life feeling insecure about my appearance and dodging any camera within sight.   Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Kovanda for beautifully restoring my face.  What he did for me was truly amazing!  He was a joy to work with and because of his remarkable skills I have much to smile about and that smile looks great!  Thanks Dr. Kovanda!!
Forever grateful,
-BM 2/18/13

You have made me feel like I could never have imagined!
Hello, I wanted to take a sec and Thank you!!!!!! You have made me feel like I could never have imagined! You have the best job ever! Bringing people so much joy. i am so happy with my choice to stick with you. You made me feel so comfy! Thank you Chris!!!! I will surely recommend you to anyone in the future, and come back to you for any future work. LOL tho Nick says NO MORE. There are still a few things that may come:) Wish you peace and happiness always!!!
-RD 7/8/11

Thanks for helping me look my best.
The botox is looking great! Thanks for helping me look my best. You’re the greatest.
-KB 7/7/11

I’m so Pleased I chose to have you do My surgery!!
You did an amazing job, I can already see:):) “I’m so Pleased I chose to have you do My surgery!!” I will recommend you To anyone I know..Thank you so much!!
-TB 6/24/11

You Really Have A Gift
I wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for me.  It may seem second nature to you, but you really have a gift and you have changed the lives of so many people.  Not only in my own experience, but in looking at your before and after gallery – wow, have you changed lives!  I just thought it might be nice for you to hear it in case you don’t often enough.  A positive self image is something that I have struggled with for most of my life.  More than helping me with making physical changes to my body, your kind and supportive words and lovely “bedside manner” have had a positive impact on all aspects of my being.  How do you say thank you for that?
-NB 2/11/11

I am proud to refer Dr. Kovanda whenever I have an opportunity
Very few of us have the name of a plastic surgeon ready to call in case of emergency. In 2005, my oncologist referred me to three qualified doctors; I chose to see Christopher Kovanda first simply because we share the same initials! Six years later, I can thank Dr. Kovanda for putting me back together too many times to count, through two breast cancer diagnoses and numerous reconstructive surgeries. Because of Dr. Kovanda’s expertise, professionalism, and compassion, I have been able to achieve results that make me extremely happy. I am proud to refer Dr. Kovanda whenever I have an opportunity.
-CK 2/11/11

Every Interaction Was Life Changing
..on a very personal level: I feel SO strongly about the work you do & the way you do it. Furthermore, reconstructive surgery has given me & many people I care about their lives back… I can’t imagine being in a more rewarding situation! …It brings to mind the experience working for 4+ years at the cancer center. Every interaction was life changing; for both patients & staff alike! You can’t fake that kind of passion and compassion – it’s there or it’s not!…Do with that info what you are able & wish to. If nothing else, sleep soundly at night & take great pride in knowing you make a huge impact in your patients’ lives! You definitely have a cheerleader in me!! …Thanks for all you do.
-JE 6/25/09

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