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Breast reconstruction surgery can help those who have experienced the life changing effects of breast cancer, injury, or congenital deformities. With state-of-the art techniques and extensive experience in a wide range of body and facial restorative surgery, Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda is ideally prepared to help individuals achieve dramatic results. At each of our office in Edina serving the entire Minneapolis / St Paul area, reconstructive surgery patients are provided with the utmost in respect and a focus on their goals with attention to safety and comfort. As both a reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kovanda can offer the best of both worlds to all patients. Dr. Kovanda performs reconstructive surgery of the face, body and hands ranging from simple skin cancers to more complicated reconstructions for trauma, cancer and congenital defects.

If you are seeking to understand the possibilities that breast reconstruction and other modern reconstructive plastic surgery procedures provide, our staff serving Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina, and the entire Twin Cities area, will provide you with thorough information to help you make an educated decision about your treatment. To schedule an initial reconstructive plastic surgery consultation, contact Kovanda Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Institute today.

Before & After Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

At Kovanda Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Institute, Dr. Kovanda and our entire staff understand the difficulties faced by women who have been given a breast cancer diagnosis. Our goal is to provide healing from a whole patient approach addressing the emotional, mental, social and physical affects of a breast cancer diagnosis on the patient, helping ease the trauma after mastectomy and with a positive focus on restoring a woman back to “whole” to help aid in the overall recovery process.

When a breast is removed during a mastectomy, many women decide a breast reconstruction procedure would help get them back on their feet after this devastating diagnosis. Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda performs advanced breast reconstructive procedures at our Minneapolis / St Paul area practice at our office in Edina to get the maximal results for all patients. Our reconstructive plastic surgery techniques help women restore, as naturally as possible, the look and feel of their original breasts.

Although each woman’s circumstances are unique, you may be provided with the option to have the breast reconstruction procedure performed immediately after the mastectomy, or some elect to do the reconstruction later after completing all of the cancer directed therapy. Dr. Kovanda and his staff will work closely with you individually and your general surgeon and oncology specialist to determine which method is best for you.

Among the many breast reconstruction procedures performed include Tissue Expansion and implants including silicone gel implants. Dr. Kovanda was one of the surgeons involved in the FDA silicone gel implant study and has been using gel implants for over 10 years. Another common procedure is the advanced TRAM Flap (transverse rectus abdominus muscle) procedure. This procedure involves the removal of a flap of skin from the abdomen and its subsequent use to replace lost breast tissue. Microsurgery can be used to reconnect the tissue to enhance the result in some women. Another reconstructive option is to use tissue from the back to reconstruct the breast (the Latissimus Flap ) which helps to repair damaged skin from radiation or to provide better coverage over breast implants. He also performs Revision of Implants in breast reconstruction patients due to his extensive experience with these procedures. Click on the procedure to see before and after photographs of Dr. Kovanda’s breast reconstructive patients.

Breast Implant Revision

Dr. Kovanda is an expert is cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures. Our practice provides virtually all variations of breast augmentation, reduction, and reconstructive procedures available today. For those who have undergone breast augmentation procedures with sub optimal results, our skilled cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon can perform breast implant revision procedures to help bring about the result that patients desire. This is more of a reconstructive procedure and Dr. Kovanda is uniquely positioned to offer the best of both worlds to all patients due to his commitment to both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Click here to see results of Dr. Kovandas patients for Revision Breast Augmentation.

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Dr. Kovanda and our team of experienced cosmetic and restorative surgery professionals are committed to providing the utmost in quality patient care. With a focus on safety, patient comfort, and the most aesthetically pleasing results possible, we are here to serve you. To discuss breast reconstruction or other reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, contact our office in Edina and serving the entire Minneapolis / St Paul area. We are here to provide state-of-the-art care with the utmost in personalized service. For your convenience we have provided downloadable forms for you to view or print at home.

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