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Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles!

female face with wrinkles on her forehead Forehead wrinkles are often some of the first telltale signs of aging to appear on the face. For some, it is the appearance of vertical lines between the eyebrows, known as frown lines. For others, horizontal creases across the forehead make us look older and more anxious than we feel. No matter what type of forehead wrinkles you have, we have the solutions to minimize their appearance and give you a younger, fresher look.


Botox is an injectable treatment for “dynamic” wrinkles – those lines that appear when you make certain facial expressions. Botox works by relaxing facial muscles that lead to those wrinkles, smoothing the outer surface of the skin. Botox injections take just a few minutes to complete and require no downtime. However, the results are not permanent and touch-up treatments will be needed every few months to maintain results.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are also injectable treatments that support the underlying skin structure and smooth out facial lines from the inside out. These treatments are particularly effective for “static” wrinkles – lines that are present on the face all the time. Dermal fillers are also temporary but some formulas can last 12 months or longer before touch-up treatments are needed.

Brow Lifts

There are a variety of techniques that can be used to perform a brow lift – a surgical procedure that lifts the skin above the eyebrows to smooth out wrinkles and firm up sagging skin. A brow lift is an effective, long-lasting solution for even the deepest forehead wrinkles..

Face Lifts

For even more dramatic results, facelift procedures are available. In addition to lifting and smoothing the forehead, these surgical procedures offer positive results on the mid and lower face. The procedure is recommended for patients with a significant amount of sagging skin and deep facial creases.. Forehead wrinkles can be a cosmetic concern long before you move into the later years of life. The good news is there are many options for eliminating these facial lines, leaving you with a smoother, younger complexion. To learn more about how you can say goodbye to forehead wrinkles, contact Kovanda Plastic Surgery at 612-335-9032 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Kovanda.