Winter Skin Myths: Debunked!

Because we care so much about your skin here at Kovanda Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Institute, we checked out the 4 biggest winter skin myths and debunked them for you!

Myth #1: You can’t get a sunburn in the wintertime

If only this were true. You need to protect your skin with a quality sunscreen whether you’re at the beach or there is snow on the ground. What might be surprising is that sunburns in the winter may be just as common as in the summer. This is because sun rays are bouncing off the white snow on the ground and hitting your skin. No fear, we sell Revision Skincare’s Intellishade Matte, TruPhysical, and Original. These are great in protecting your skin from damage. They are all tinted and have anti-aging properties.

Myth #2: You don’t need to change your skincare routine for winter

You should really be changing your skincare routine every season, says Megan, one of our Aestheticians. With each time of year comes different temperatures and conditions. This means your skin may need extra hydration, nutrients or vitamins. Scratch that — your skin definitely needs more hydration! Megan suggests that during the harsher months, use a hyaluronic acid under your moisturizer to aid in hydration. It is also necessary to use a thicker moisturizer. Megan also suggests using an enzymatic cleanser. Revision Skincare’s Papaya Enzyme Cleanser is a great choice. It uses enzymes to clean and exfoliate skin. This is the gentlest form of exfoliation.  

Myth #3: What I eat doesn’t affect my skin

With winter comes heavier, fatty foods and desserts at holiday gatherings. You can still partake in all the fun, but be conscious that what you eat does affect your skin. It’s your body’s largest organ. To combat grandma’s pumpkin pie, try to up your amount of fresh fruits and veggies. These give your skin vital nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and water. When things are getting festive, it’s also important to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Don’t over do your alcohol consumption because this is bound to dry you out. 

Myth #4: Exfoliating my skin will dry it out

If you have dry, irritated skin, it may seem counterintuitive to exfoliate. As it turns out, this is one of the best things you can do for your dry skin! Use an enzymatic exfoliator, such as the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser mentioned above. This gives you the benefit of exfoliation but is gentler and even hydrating. Dermaplaning is a great way to sluff off your dead, dry skin. This helps with product absorption. When there is a thick barrier of dead skin, it’s hard for products to fully absorb. With that layer gone, hydrating products can do their job better.

Have any questions about your winter skincare routine? Feel free to call us and speak with an Aesthetician! 612-335-9032

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