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Will I Lose Nipple Sensitivity After Breast Surgery?

With the continued popularity of breast surgery among women, it’s normal to consider your options for boosting your confidence. If you have concerns about the outcome of your surgical options, though, that’s normal too. A loss in nipple sensitivity is a common concern among women considering breast surgery, so here’s what to know about it and what you can expect.

Is It Possible to Lose Nipple Sensitivity?

A loss of nipple sensitivity (or hyposensitivity) after surgery is a legitimate concern, but it’s important to know that some techniques can significantly mitigate this risk. It’s possible for nipple sensitivity to be reduced or lost entirely, but this is very rare. As the breasts heal, their sensitivity will generally take a few weeks or months to return. Whether or not sensitivity returns completely can depend on the type of procedure used, your plastic surgeon’s skill, the size of your implants, the location of the incisions, and many other factors. During your consultation with Dr. Kovanda, you’ll discuss the risks.

Issues Caused by Nipple Hyposensity

There will be at least some loss in sensation after breast surgery. Though the duration and extent can vary, this insensitivity can be a significant problem for patients during sex. For some women, nipple sensitivity tends to aid in foreplay and sexual arousal. If the breasts and nipples become insensitive to stimuli, it’s possible to experience decreased levels of enjoyment and pleasure during sexual encounters. This means you may need to explore other routes until sensitivity returns. For most women, nipple sensitivity returns and they enjoy similar levels of sexual satisfaction as prior to surgery.

Nipple hyposensitivity can also affect breastfeeding ability, but it’s often recommended that you be finished having children before opting for cosmetic breast surgery. If you think you’ll become pregnant in the future, your plastic surgeon can discuss different incision patterns to mitigate the risks of long-term sensitivity loss.

What About Increased Nipple Sensitivity?

While numbness is a concern, the inverse is also a possibility. Increased nipple sensitivity following breast surgery is relatively normal. This sensitization can happen as the breast’s tissues heal, and the nerves are pushed closer to the surface by the implants. This hypersensitivity can be uncomfortable and even painful in some cases. Massaging the nipples, covering them, wearing clothes that fit snugly, and many other interventions can help with overly sensitive nipples. If it continues to be a concern after you’re healed, your plastic surgeon can discuss your options.

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It’s normal to be concerned about the long-term effects of breast surgery. During a consultation, Dr. Kovanda can answer your questions and create the right surgical plan for you based on your concerns and goals. To get started, we invite you to contact our Minneapolis office by calling or filling out our online form.

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