Why a Facelift May Be For You

Aesthetic medicine has come a long way since the early days of cosmetic surgery procedures. Each month, it seems like we are met with a new development; some innovative new way to fight the progression of age, at least the appearance of it. If you are in the midst of your own aging process and struggling to find your way, you’re not alone. The wide variety of treatment options sometimes creates more confusion than anything else. We’re going to go back to our roots for a moment and discuss the value of the surgical facelift.

With all the injectables and ultrasound and radiofrequency and light therapies available today, it is easy to forget that facial rejuvenation started with a precise and efficient technique. Yes, it’s surgery, but it’s also the gold standard. Perhaps it always will be. This is because the surgical facelift meticulously corrects several concerns at once. These include:

A softened jaw line

We don’t often give much thought to the sheer beauty of an angular jaw line on our own face. That is until it is no longer sharp and angular. Over time, the increased laxity in the fat and muscle tissue across the face allows the volume to accrue at the lowest part, the jaw line. In fact, there’s more . . .

The double chin

The additional volume that falls primarily from the mid-face doesn’t always stop at the jaw line in the form of sagging jowls. Often, middle-aged adults start to notice that the line between the neck and the chin also becomes blurred. This curve lessens against the slack of tissue and skin, not to mention the accumulation of a few extra fat cells in the area.

Flattened cheeks

Because we refer to the beautiful contouring across the mid-face as cheekbones, there is this illusion that the roundness of the cheeks will remain forever full. Not so. In fact, the mid-face is where problems like sagging jowls and a double-chin tend to originate. It’s all because the body changes, and no longer supports the appearance of we had in our youth. Without adequate collagen and elastin, as well as other vital chemicals, the fatty layer beneath the skin fades away over time, leaving us with flat cheeks.

The surgical facelift gets right to the point of concern, the underlying layer of superficial muscle tissue. Draping is adjusted to reinstate the support necessary for fuller cheeks, a sharp jaw line, and an angular chin.

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