What You Need to Know Before Your Butt Lift

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The Brazilian butt lift has become a popular way to add curves to the backend while sculpting other areas of the body. Perhaps you have already heard so much about the benefits of this procedure, you assume you know the Brazilian butt lift inside and out. We have some basic facts about this procedure you may not have considered before, but are essential to know and understand before you take the plunge into your own butt lift procedure.

Got Fat?

A successful Brazilian butt lift depends on first and foremost on the amount of fat you have to donate to the backside. This is one time where a little extra pooch can be transformed into sexy curves. Fat can come from any area, including the abdomen, back, hips and thighs. Fat is removed through a procedure known as liposuction, which removes pockets of fat cells with less trauma to surrounding skin and tissue.

Double Duty

A curvaceous derriere similar to celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez needs to be enhanced with smaller contours in other areas. This double benefit is a large factor in the Brazilian butt lift’s popularity. By carving out a smoother contour in areas like the waist and placing the extra fat cells into the buttocks, you can create that luscious hourglass look you crave.

Beware the Sag

A Brazilian butt lift does more than add size to the buttocks, it also helps to restore them to a more youthful position. Sagging buttocks are an inevitable and unfortunate byproduct of time, gravity and weight fluctuation. Injecting autologous fat in strategic locations in the buttocks will add lift as well as curves, so your backside won’t belie your age.

Take it Easy

While a Brazilian butt lift is less invasive than buttock augmentation using synthetic implants, you will still need to refrain from placing any pressure on your backside for a number of weeks. Channel your inner Cleopatra and plan to spend your days reclining on your stomach or side while the fat transfer “takes.” You will be able to get up and move around, but long periods of sitting will be strictly prohibited for the first 2 weeks.

Go Long

If you follow your post-operative instructions to the letter and your fat transfer takes well, your new derriere will be a permanent fixture in your body contour. In addition, the fat removed from other areas like your stomach will also be permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise program after your procedure. Of course, additional procedures can be done in the future if you need a touch-up or tweak to keep your fabulous new body contour intact.

Although the fat transfer process is relatively straightforward, specific placement of the injections offers the best possible results. Dr. Kovanda has performed numerous Brazilian butt lifts with great success and will work with you to ensure your procedure meets your expectations. To learn more, contact Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery at 855-337-4367.

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