What You Can Do About After-Surgery Scarring

You look amazing after surgery! You’re feeling better everyday and slowly gaining back your energy. But what about those scars left behind?

There are many routes you can take with scar treatment. The way you treat scars can depend on many factors. Every body is different so everyone’s recovery after surgery is different. What kind of procedure also indicates if you will have prominent scarring or not.

Seeing our Aesthetician

Depending on the procedure you had, Dr. Kovanda will recommend you see the Aesthetician Emily. She can do an INTRAcel or Microneedling treatment to help with scarring. In some cases, spot treatment with a TCA peel can be beneficial.

This would be done at least 3 months after your surgery. It is important not to mess with scars before then, because they are still evolving.

While you see results with every treatment, it usually takes upwards of 4 treatments for significant changes to happen. Treatments will be at least 6 weeks apart.  

But how do you know which treatment is best for you?


  • For scars that have a raised texture
  • Darker pigmented scars
  • Often scars from tummy tucks and breast augmentations
  • Stretch marks

Micro Needling

  • For scars on the face
  • Scars smaller in size
  • Non-raised scars
  • Lightly pigmented scars

With these treatments it is important to incorporate topical aids such as vitamin E oil. This is good for nourishing the skin, reducing pigmentation, and healing the skin after a controlled injury from the treatment. Another great option is scar cream.

Scar cream options

We see great results with two different scar creams. We have them right here in the office!

  • Biocorneum Advanced Scar Treatment + SPF 30 by Sientra (this comes in a large and small size)
  • Scar Recovery Gel by SkinMedica   

These aim to soften and smooth scars as well as reduce their appearance. Dr. Kovanda always recommends Halo Healing Therapies massages to his patients after surgery. Getting massages done in conjunction with the Biocorneum Advanced Scar Treatment is how Dr. Kovanda says you can achieve the best results. You can read about my experience at Halo Healing Therapies in a previous blog post.

Talk with Dr. Kovanda

If you have concerns about scarring after surgery, talk to Dr. Kovanda about it! In some cases, he can adjust where they will be placed. That way they can be hidden by clothing.

This was the case for Ashley with her tummy tuck from last week’s blog. Dr. Kovanda suggested she bring in a bikini bottom. That way he could make her scar low enough to cover and discreet.

Book a consultation

If you were nervous about scarring after surgery and now are reassured about your options, call and book a complimentary consultation today! Our number is 612-335-9032 and we are always happy to answer any questions you have.   

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