5 Tips for Maintaining Your Weight During the Holidays

The Holidays are here and that means spending time with family, and eating delicious food!

On average, adults gain about one pound between November and January. Although it may seem like nothing, a lot of adults don’t ever lose this holiday weight. Not to worry! It may be challenging but it is not impossible to maintain your weight during these tempting festive times. Here are 5 tips for maintaining your weight during the holidays. 

1. Get Physical

The usual family gathering consists of eating large meals and lounging around. Doing physical activities with family is a good fun way to help maintain your weight.

A few physical activity ideas:

  • Family tag football
  • Taking a walk around the neighborhood or mall
  • Signing up for running races together

2. Smart Snacking

It can be easy to eat an excessive amount of treats with all the cookies, cupcakes, and pie that you are surrounded with during the holidays. If you are at home, it’s easy to keep snacks out of site and out of mind. At a party, they’re staring you in the face. Try snacking on things like vegetables or fruit. Take your portion on a plate and walk away. 

3. Cut Down on Liquid Calories


During the holidays there seems to be an endless stream of soda, alcohol, and sugary drinks.

Although tempting, limit yourself to one or two drinks. Otherwise you’ll start to lose track of your calories and they will add up quickly. Additionally, consuming alcohol is linked to increasing your appetite. This could spell disaster. Limiting these drinks in general is a great tip to maintaining your weight the holidays and throughout the year.

4. Low Fat Dessert/Food

This is where you really need to show some restraint. There are so many delicious sweet treats, but they are loaded with sugar and calories. An easy solution is making your own desserts and foods with low calorie/low sugar recipes or ingredients.

Examples of ingredient replacement include:

  • Using sparkling water as a substitute for sugary drinks
  • Use baking, steaming, or grilling methods of cooking instead frying
  • Use sugar instead of artificial sweeteners (e.g. stevia)

5. Portion Control

Since our holiday favorites only come once a year it is easy to stack a big plate high with food and dessert. Portion control is another thing that makes maintaining weight during the holidays the hardest. A useful tip to combat this is to use a smaller plate. Using a smaller plate will help you grab less food and help you slow down on eating. Another way is to read the serving size on a nutrition label which is base off of a 2,000 calorie diet. 


These are just a few tips for maintaining your weight during the holidays. Remember to avoid too many alcoholic drinks, try low sugar options, and use portion control. While these are just a few tips, it’s always good to just use moderation and a little common sense. This will ensure that you are starting the new year happy, healthy, and in control.

Note: This article uses information adapted from healthline.com. The full articles may be accessed at the links below.



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