Usher in the Holidays With a Beautiful You!

Some people are so into the holiday season that they start imagining those cold, wintery nights of shopping well before December. Others’ entrance into the holiday season could be described as more of a trudge. Whichever category you live in, one of the things that most people have in common is that, once those holiday invitations start rolling in, they want to look their best.

Even if your holiday includes cookie-baking with friends and family and a small New Year’s gathering, this is the time of year when you’re likely to be photographed most, and that means having to look at yourself time and time again. How nice would it be to absolutely love what you see? It’s not too late to obtain the type of care you need to make that happen.

Bring out your inner glow with Halo

Typically, laser treatments are perceived as aggressive. In their youth, they were. Today, we have a variety of laser devices that enable us to do everything from remove unwanted hair to reveal a person’s inner glow. That’s exactly what we can do using our Halo laser. Because we can customize your treatment to your needs and also to your preferences for “downtime,” you could schedule your Halo treatment well into the season.

Restore youthfulness with Light

BBL, or broad-band light, is an innovative technology that is favored by celebrities as well as us normal folk. The office treatment is comfortable, completely non-invasive, and has been proven by one long-term study to actually reverse the aging process! No downtime is necessary after BBL treatments, so you can schedule yours right up until your holiday bash.

Erase wrinkles in one day

It used to be that wrinkles, once they appeared, only got worse. Today, we can erase unwanted lines, or minimize them if we want to “age gracefully” using specific injectable products. Treating wrinkles and volume loss with Botox and dermal fillers is a great way to start the holiday season. Who would have ever thought we could banish under eye bags during the very time of year we may be getting less sleep!

Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery welcomes you to our comfortable practice to resolve aesthetic concerns for a more beautiful holiday season. Call  855-337-4367.

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