Upper vs. Lower Eyelid Surgery

Years ago in a moment of great inspiration, a writer likened the eyes to the windows of the soul. And to think, people to this day have been using that line every since. (Imagine the guy who came up with the phrase “pitch black,” which is, admittedly, very black.)

In all seriousness, the eyes communicate a lot about who we are and what we’re thinking. Premature aging, wrinkling, and sagging can cause people to read our eyes (and our selves) the wrong way, and the team at our Edina plastic surgery center can help you look your best when it comes to the eye area.

Improving the Appearance of Your Eyes

When it comes to removing the bags and sagging from the eyes, the best way of going about this is facial plastic surgery. While a traditional facelift can work wonders for the corners of the eyes, the one surgery that is particularly effective at enhancing the upper eyelids and lower eyelids is blepharoplasty.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery and You

Whether you call it cosmetic eyelid surgery, an eyelift, or blepharoplasty, a surgery targeting the upper and lower eyelid area can work wonders. You will wind up looking younger, more refreshed, and less haggard.

Cosmetic upper eyelid surgery and cosmetic lower eyelid surgery are performed differently given that they target different body parts. You can probably tell which one is right for you simply based on your appearance. Let’s look at how each Edina eyelid surgery is performed so you have a good idea of what to expect from surgery.

About Upper Eyelid Surgery

During upper eyelid surgery, an incision is made along the natural fold of the upper eyelid. (The incision is made here so that it remains hidden from view.) Using this incision, excess skin is removed to reduce wrinkling. Some people also get upper eyelid surgery to add the fold to the upper eyelid. Doing so makes the eyes less narrow and can give the face a more open appearance.

About Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid surgery is performed to target the bagginess and sagging of the lower eyelid area. During this surgery the incision will be made near the lower eyelashes to conceal scarring from view. The same principle driving upper eyelid surgery is used for lower eyelid surgery: excess tissue will be removed. In some cases, facial liposuction may also be used to reduce bagginess.

Other Options to Consider for Facial Rejuvenation

It’s not unheard of for people who undergo cosmetic eyelid surgery to undergo other facial rejuvenation surgeries. When you visit our cosmetic surgery center serving St. Paul and Minneapolis, we’ll assess your candidacy for various rejuvenation surgeries that will leave you looking rejuvenated and renewed.

Speak with Experts for More Information

For more information about cosmetic eyelid surgery and your many other options for enhanced appearance, contact our offices in Edina and Maple Grove today. Our entire team looks forward to speaking with you about facial plastic surgery, breast enhancement surgery, and body contouring options.

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