Prom Ready Skin

So you’ve been shopping for dresses, planning your hair and makeup, and prepping your poses for Instagram, but what about planning your skin care routine to make sure that your skin is camera ready? Consider clinical facials, and treat the most common skin care concerns for teens. These are a few of the ways that clinical facials can give you prom ready skin.


The first way a clinical facial can give you prom ready skin is with exfoliation. No more bumpy, textured skin! Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells which clog pores and lead to blackheads and acne. This will help makeup go on smoother, and your skin will be more exuberant. You’ll want to avoid applying heavy makeup or hitting the gym immediately after your facial. This sounds like the perfect time to study for finals or write that paper you’ve been putting off.


A clinical facial will also help with skin tone and clarity. Uneven tone? Forget it! Dull, lifeless color? A thing of the past! Clinical facials can help brighten your complexion and give you a more even, healthy, natural glow. You might not even have to use a filter anymore! #iwokeuplikethis


Blackheads are no fun, and they are so hard to get rid of. Let a professional help you get the clear, glowing skin you’ve always wanted. While not every bump and blemish can be removed through extractions, they can help remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. There will be slight redness, depending on the amount of treatment required, but coloration should return to normal within a day. Let’s be honest, a little bit of redness is a small price to pay for clearing out problematic pores!

Clearly, clinical facials can help you get your skin prom-ready! Whether it’s making your skin smoother, brightening your tone, or removing pesky blackheads, they’ve got you covered. It’s time to look and feel your best and get your glow going for your special day. Kovanda recommends several treatments for the best results. Contact Kovanda for a Free consultation with Emily!

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