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Tummy Tuck Techniques

There is no one way to approach body contouring surgery. Each patient has different needs that have to be addressed, and you just can’t treat any surgery as a one-size-fits-all kind of operation. When you meet with Maple Grove and Edina plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda, he will ensure that your needs are met and that you receive the care that you deserve.

About Tummy Tuck Surgery

One extremely popular and effective surgery for body contouring is Edina tummy tuck surgery. Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck helps reduce the amount of excess skin, tissue, and fat of the lower abdomen.

It’s not a weight loss surgery but rather a surgery that people undergo after losing a lot of weight. Following major weight loss, skin that has been stretched out remains so and will not contour to your frame fully. The only way to get rid of this excess skin is tummy tuck surgery.

Types of Tummy Tuck

There are different kinds of tummy tuck surgery that can be performed in order to meet the unique needs of each patient. We’d like to take a moment right now to look at these variations on the traditional tummy tuck briefly so you understand what can be achieved through surgical body contouring.

Traditional Tummy Tuck Surgery

Let’s start with the traditional tummy tuck. During a standard tummy tuck surgery, three incisions are made: one that spans from hipbone to hipbone along the lower abdomen, one around the navel, and one that connects these two incisions. (Think of the shape of an anchor.) Through these incisions, excess skin is removed, fat deposits are extracted using liposuction, and underlying structures of the abdomen are adjusted.

Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

A mini tummy tuck is a surgery performed when there is just a little sagging skin that will not revert back. Since only a little bit of skin and tissue needs to be removed, the incision method is considerably different. In general, most mini tummy tucks will only involve an incision along the lower abdominal region. This incision will only be a few inches long, meaning that it will not span from hipbone to hipbone. All the tissue removal and adjustment is performed through that single incision.

Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery

When a person loses a massive amount of weight, more extensive body contouring is going to be required. That is what the extended tummy tuck surgery is for. The incisions are similar to that of the traditional tummy tuck, but the incision from hipbone extends further along the side of the patient to the back of the hipbones. This allows for more tissue to be removed and the sides and lower back to be contoured as well.

Other Body Lifting and Contouring Considerations

In most cases where body contouring is required, not just the abdomen is affected. Many patients will also undergo breast lift and reduction surgery as well as other sculpting surgeries to revise the overall contour of their frame. These additional surgeries can be discussed in more detail at our practice.

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