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The Top 4 Things You Should Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck is a surgery resulting in dramatic outcomes. Generally, tummy tuck recovery takes time and requires more endurance and patience than any other cosmetic surgery. Reading about surgical recovery details might not be fun; however, you can avoid surprises by having realistic expectations. Here are the top things you require to know concerning tummy tuck surgery.

It Takes Time to Be Bikini-Ready

Waking up with your new look following tummy tuck surgery must be exciting. However, no one achieves their after photos instantly after surgery. Usually, the belly will look different from your expectations at first.

In the first three weeks, patients experience post-operative swelling, which is common and might be significant. Additionally, the scar will initially be quite tender, red, and scabbed.

With time redness will disappear, swelling will subside, and the scar will narrow as you continue to heal. With good care, the scars will become nearly invisible. In three months, you will be looking great, and in about six months, you will have attained the after photos look.

Take It Easy for a Few Weeks

As mentioned, a tummy tuck is a major surgery; hence, you can’t go through it and continue with your daily routine. You may consider work, child care, and house cleaning a night after the surgery, although with limits.

Let trusted adults take charge of your usual things and have someone taking care of you for the best results. Your transportation needs are also a point of concern for the first weeks.

Additionally, your incisions must be healed in a way that your shoulders can quickly turn to monitor traffic before you get behind the wheel. Be realistic about returning to your work.

Any work requiring lifting, travel, and reaching should be avoided until advised otherwise. During the consultation, Dr. Kovanda will provide you with information about how to look after yourself. Finally, moms will need help with parenting responsibilities for a while after their tummy tucks.

Does One Get Uncomfortable With Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Risks of tummy tuck complications are low, especially when done at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery. However, you may experience discomfort within the first days following the surgery.

The abdominal wall is fundamental in our bodies, and hence sitting, laughing, and even standing may strain your bikini area. Dr. Kovanda will prescribe some pain medicines to help you tolerate pain.

With Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery in Minneapolis, Dr. Kovanda will inject you with a long-acting anesthetic after surgery to improve your comfort. The anesthetic will last long after your surgery; this offers you less discomfort as you heal.

Additionally, our Minneapolis patients report a noteworthy difference. You might need temporary drains to draw out the excess fluid between the overlying tissues and muscles after surgery. To minimize discomfort and pain after surgery, talk to Dr. Kovanda about the surgery discomfort expectations.

Prioritize Your Healing Process for Best Results

For you to get satisfying tummy tuck surgery outcomes, you will have to make them happen. Follow these steps:

  • Take proper care of your scar for quicker healing
  • Fuel your body properly
  • Follow doctors’ instructions
  • Ignore some normal responsibilities for a while

Schedule a Consultation

To achieve the best tummy tuck results in Minneapolis, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kovanda. We would also love to answer some of your questions; be sure to contact us.

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