The Pros and Cons of Small Breast Implants

When you choose to enhance your figure with breast augmentation, you’re faced with a number of choices, including type, profile, and size. While every decision is important, determining how large or small you’d like your implants to be is one of the first steps to achieving your ideal results. While some women desire a significant increase in size, others opt for natural-looking, small implants. If you’re a Minneapolis resident seeking small breast implants, the team at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery can help you weigh the pros and cons.

The Importance of Breast Implant Size

When it comes to choosing large or small breast implants, there’s more for your plastic surgeon to consider than just your ideal results. Your height and build also play a role in determining what size implants are best for you.

Pros of Small Breast Implants

Small breast implants can offer a variety of advantages, including:

  • Subtle, natural-looking results. If your goal is simply to increase the volume of your breasts, without a significant change in cup size, small implants may be the best choice. When implant size is proportional to your figure, the results appear very natural.
  • Clothes that fit. Occasionally, when women opt for implants that are much larger than their current breasts, finding clothes that fit both their chests and waists can be tricky. Women with smaller implants often find that their usual clothing sizes not only fit, but also look and feel better.
  • Discreet results. If you significantly increase the size of your breasts, the change will be noticeable. While many women appreciate the attention received by their enhanced figures, others prefer to keep their plastic surgery private. Small implants can enhance your figure without making it apparent that you’ve undergone surgery.
  • Fewer lifestyle changes. Women transitioning from small to large breasts may find that they need to wear different types of undergarments. For example, because larger breasts require additional support, it’s important to wear supportive sports bras when engaging in athletic activity. Women with large implants may also notice that the additional weight affects their posture or causes back pain, which can make certain activities more difficult.
  • Reduced recovery time. While each person’s recovery period is different, a woman’s body often needs less time to adjust to small implants. Because skin needs to stretch to accommodate the new implants, it takes longer for the body to get used to large implants. The move from small to large breasts can also be painful at first, making small implants a more comfortable choice.

Cons of Small Breast Implants

Small breast implants offer a number of advantages. However, the disadvantage is that some women aren’t satisfied with their results. If a woman is seeking a drastic change, she may not feel that small breast implants delivered the volume she was hoping for. Fortunately, this is the only real disadvantage of small breast implants, and can be avoided by having a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon. If it’s clear that small breast implants won’t deliver your desired results, he or she can recommend a larger breast implant that will.

Learn More about Small Breast Implants

The best way to determine which implants are right for you is to schedule a personal consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon. The team at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery has been helping women achieve their ideal breast augmentation results for years. To learn more about enhancing your figure with small breast implants, contact us today.

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