The Limits of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an effective way to enhance your looks and roll back the clock on your appearance. The success of a cosmetic procedure, however, is due in large part to coming into the process with realistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can – and can’t – do for you. By understanding what you can expect from your cosmetic procedure, the results are much more likely to produce the physical and aesthetic benefits you are looking for.

Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

Your expectations for your cosmetic surgery will be shaped in large part by your motivation in having the procedure. If your primary goal is to improve your appearance, you are not likely to be disappointed. If your goal is to change your life, find or keep a mate, or look just like your favorite celebrity, is it unlikely your surgery will live up to your expectations.

The Anti-Aging Myth

It is not unusual for individuals to consider plastic surgery to help them look younger. The good news is there are plenty of non-invasive and surgical procedures designed to do just that. The question then becomes, how much younger are you hoping to look? Cosmetic surgery will not shave a decade or more off your appearance (beware of surgeons that make those types of promises). However, it can roll back the clock a couple of years, give you a hint of your youthful glow, and make you look your best at any age.

Temporary vs. Permanent Results

Another reason patients may be disappointed in their procedure is because of expectations over how long the results will last. While surgical procedures tend to offer long-lasting results that may last many years, minimally-invasive procedures like injectables and skin rejuvenation may only last a few months before a touch-up procedure is needed. Talk to your surgeon before your procedure about how long results usually last, so you are prepared when the next treatment session is due.

Risk and Recovery

Cosmetic surgery is like any other surgery; it is accompanied by a degree of risk and it requires a recovery period afterward to allow your body to heal. The amount of risk and the length of your recovery will depend on the specific procedure you choose. This is another subject to discuss at length with your physician prior to your surgery, so you can make an educated decision about whether the procedure you are interested in really is the right one for you.

Cosmetic surgery has made tremendous strides in recent years, with safer, more effective procedures than ever before. By heading into your procedure with realistic expectations about the outcome, you are more likely to reap the full benefits of your results. If you feel that your face makes you look 10 years older than you really are, a more invasive procedure will certainly give you the long-lasting results you need. Interested in learning more about which procedure is right for you? Call us today at 855-337-4367 to book a consultation with Dr. Kovanda!

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