The Halo Laser Treatment

Say hello to Halo and the amazing results it brings

Is Halo right for my skin?

The Halo Laser Treatment is something you’ve heard a lot about if you follow the latest skin care trends. However, you may be wondering what the Halo laser does and if it’s right for your skin concerns.

If you love soaking in the rays at the beach or if you’re guilty of forgetting to wear sunscreen occasionally, chances are you have skin damage. Even with our short summers here in Minnesota you can seriously harm your skin if you aren’t taking care of it properly.

Halo is the ideal treatment for reversing signs of aging that go along with skin damage. Concerns such as wrinkles, discoloration, enlarged pores, and textural issues all can be alleviated with the use of the Halo laser.   

What can I expect?

Numbing products are used in the Halo treatment to make the process as comfortable as possible. While the Halo is intense, it isn’t as harsh as some other treatments offered at Kovanda Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics. The number of treatments you’ll need to see optimal results depends on your unique skin condition.

As always you must protect your skin with a sunscreen right for your skin type. This is especially important after getting a Halo laser treatment.

Take it from Toni

Because Toni had been considering getting a face lift she was the perfect candidate. Halo is a great alternative to plastic surgery. It’s less invasive and still gives great age erasing results. Rather than going under the knife you can achieve skin tightening with lasers!

“My nail lady asked what I did to my face because it looks so beautiful.”

Toni did experience some pain after the treatment however, it was minimized. With the aid of numbing cream and the cooling component afterwards she felt much more comfortable.

Not only did Toni notice her results, so did people around her. She expressed that her skin feels and looks smoother and younger. Friends and family also noticed the difference. Many people have asked her how she achieved that youthful glow. “My nail lady asked what I did to my face because it looks so beautiful.” Overall she is thrilled with the results she achieved from the Halo laser treatment!  

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