The Chemical Brow Lift Technique

Physical signs of aging can take many forms, but they are often most noticeable – and undesirable – in the face. Surgical treatment such as a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery can significantly reduce these signs, but many patients are wary of invasive procedures. If you would like to gain a renewed look of youth and vigor without the need for incisions, a chemical brow lift may be the right choice for you.

Through the use of BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, Kovanda Plastic Surgery of Minneapolis offers this alternative brow lift technique. Before deciding on treatment, consider the benefits, drawbacks, and expectations of this procedure.

How Does a Chemical Brow Lift Work?

All brow lift procedures aim to tighten skin and readjust muscles above the eyes. In a traditional brow lift surgery, incisions are made near the hairline, from which skin and muscle tissue is trimmed and repositioned. As with any facial surgery, time is needed to recover and for side effects to fade.
In a chemical brow lift, BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into the muscles that pull the forehead downward, relaxing them and resulting in a smoother, elevated brow line. This is used in conjunction with a dermal filler such as Radiesse™ or Restylane®, which adds volume to skin while tightening it. The end result is smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and creases, without the risk or hassle of surgery.

Candidates for a Chemical Brow Lift

A chemical brow lift can produce similar but less conspicuous results when compared to a traditional brow lift. Therefore, the best candidates are those just beginning to show signs of advancing age, or those who wish to try a more delicate approach before opting for surgery. Treatment is approved for men and women aged 18 through 65, and is generally considered a very safe procedure for most patients. However, a few risk factors may limit candidacy:

    • Neuromuscular diseases: Some muscular diseases, such as multiple sclerosis or myasthenia gravis, can present complications from BOTOX® Cosmetic.
    • Pregnancy: Pregnant women or those still nursing should postpone chemical injections, as it may affect the child’s health.
    • Thick skin: All patients respond to BOTOX® Cosmetic differently, depending on the thickness and elasticity of their skin. For patients with particularly thick, unresponsive skin, chemical injection may not provide significant results. To gain an accurate expectation of what a chemical brow lift can do for you, speak with your doctor beforehand.

Benefits of a Chemical Brow Lift

A chemical brow lift can be used to resolve numerous facial signs of aging, including:

    • A sunken brow
    • “Crows feet” next to eyes
    • Frown lines
    • Forehead wrinkles
    • Lowered eyebrows

When compared to facial surgery, BOTOX® injections also offer the advantage of convenience and fewer side effects. In a matter of days, you can achieve a renewed look without the need for recovery, bandages, or risk of infection. Additionally, chemical brow lifts are more subtle – ideal for patients who are wary of making sudden, drastic changes to their appearance. Although the chemicals used in this treatment rarely lead to health complications, risks of allergy and illness are possible. If you experience any side effects beyond minor bruising at the site of injection, contact your doctor.

Schedule a consultation

This minimally invasive treatment has helped many patients offset the cosmetic effects of age in an easy yet effective way. To inquire further about this procedure, or to learn more about our plastic surgery options, contact our office at your convenience.

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