The Advantages of the Breast Lift Procedure

Various factors can cause a woman’s breast shape to change over time. Significant weight loss, gravity, and changes in skin elasticity are the major culprits of sagging breasts. Furthermore, pregnancy and breastfeeding can also result in drooping breasts. As a result of a loss of breast firmness, a woman can also experience a decrease in her overall self-esteem. Fortunately for Minneapolis breast lift patients, the breasts can be surgically lifted and reshaped to resemble their former contour and firmness with the aid of a qualified plastic surgeon.

The Breast Lift Procedure

A breast lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia and can take up to three hours, depending on each personal case. Your plastic surgeon will make up to three separate incisions. The first incision is around the areola; this incision can be used in minor cases of sagging and nipple displacement. For moderate cases of breast ptosis, an additional vertical incision will be made from the areola to the bottom of the breast, so the two incisions resemble a lollipop (as such, this technique is called a lollipop lift). In cases of severe sagging, a third horizontal incision is made that follows the natural curvature of the bottom of the breast (this is known as an anchor breast lift). Many breast lift patients opt to combine their breast lift procedure with a breast augmentation for an even more enhanced bust line.

The benefits of the breast lift procedure include:

  • Lift sagging breasts: Not only will your breasts be firmer and more youthful looking and feeling, but you will also notice that they will appear perkier. You will also notice and enjoy more symmetrical cleavage as a result of your breast lift.
  • Restore youthful appearance: Youthful breasts sit high on the chest. Tightening and lifting the breasts restore a woman’s bust line to its once youthful appearance, with many women reporting that a breast lift takes years off their breasts and overall figure.
  • Increase in clothing options: Imagine no longer having to experience frustration or discouragement when you go shopping. Having a perky and streamlined bust line will allow you to find clothes that fit well and naturally complement your feminine figure, rather than having to hide behind loose garments.
  • Boost confidence: Every woman wants to feel her most beautiful and confident. One of the major breast lift benefits is a lift in a woman’s confidence and self-image. Many women report an overall increase in their quality of life as a result of their breast lift.

Breast Lift Risks

Your healing time following your procedure can last up to a month, however, some women recover more quickly. The risks associated with undergoing a breast lift will vary with each patient. Bleeding and infection are common risks, and healing time may be prolonged in smokers. You will experience scarring at the incision sites; however, the scars will fade over time.

To Learn More

You deserve to feel your most beautiful, confident, and happy. To learn more about how to regain your former figure and confidence with a breast lift, schedule a consultation with the capable staff at Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery today.

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