Tame the Beast Named Age

Your age is a matter of fact. It only transitions in one direction, which can mean that you may reach a point where that little number becomes a big secret. Maybe you’re already at this point. Maybe you have already begun managing the matter of age by rejuvenating your face with injectables, sophisticated therapies, or with surgical lifts. All this effort can be worth it; and yet, there are ways that your age makes itself known.

To keep the issue of your age completely to yourself, look beyond the face to address other common consequences of aging, such as:

  • Double chin and then some. Below the face, there is a lot happening due to the loss of collagen and structure. Muscular bands go from strongly horizontal to sadly saggy, which leads to increasingly obvious lines. Loosening of the skin and superficial muscle lets fatty deposits appear more obvious. There are multiple approaches that may be taken to keep the neck from looking much older than the face. Kybella reduces submental fullness, Botox eases platysmal bands. BBL treatments provide long-term improvement by supporting the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Grandma hands. Most of us, at some point, look at hour hands and see someone from our past – a parent or grandparent. The hands are exposed to quite a lot of UV light over our lifetime, and this exacerbates collagen loss. Sun spots may develop as early as our 30s, and continue to worsen with time. Fat pads are also depleted on the backs of the hands, leading to ropy-looking tendons and bulging veins. It isn’t that these structures have grown, it’s just that there is less tissue covering them. Dermal fillers can plump the backs of the hands, and laser or light treatments are excellent for hyperpigmentation.
  • Brooding brows. Facial aging isn’t all about lines and wrinkles. We have come to a point where these are easy to manage. What may be overlooked is the position of the brow line across the bony structure over the eyes. Too low, and the eyes look brooding and angry, not to mention old. Brow lift surgery may be necessary in some cases, and may be accompanied by blepharoplasty. However, many of our patients find their younger self through a Botox brow lift.

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