Skin Irregularities After Liposuction

Liposuction edina | fat removal mnIt’s no small wonder why the thought of liposuction can be so alluring. Within a few doctor’s visits and one relatively quick procedure, excess pounds and curves can melt away seemingly overnight. For those that have struggled fruitlessly with dieting and exercise for little change, liposuction can look like an ideal solution – and in the majority of cases, it is.
But not all plastic surgery procedures go so smoothly. In some patients, skin irregularities such as dimpling and uneven texture can occur. Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda advises Minneapolis patients dealing with liposuction dimples and other negative after effects that are wondering if there is a way to treat the problem.

What Causes Liposuction Dimples and Other Skin Irregularities?

Any skin irregularities that occur after liposuction may be caused by a few different issues. One very common cause of skin dimpling after liposuction is a plastic surgeon attempting to remove too much fat from a patient too quickly, especially in cases in which a patient suffers from stretched skin and would have benefitted more from a skin tightening procedure like a tummy tuck. Poor placement and use of the cannula to extract fat can also cause damage to the skin and underlying tissue, leaving behind dimples and lumps once the patient has healed.

A common cause of skin irregularities after liposuction is an unskilled or inexperienced plastic surgeon. A surgeon operating with patience and a delicate hand can keep any complications to a minimum.

Can Skin Irregularities after Liposuction Be Treated?

Plastic surgery is for the benefit of the patient, an effort to leave you slimmer or more beautiful than you felt coming in. When a procedure goes wrong, it can leave a patient feeling ashamed and in despair. But luckily, liposuction dimples and skin irregularities are problems that a good plastic surgeon can fix.
There are several procedures that can potentially correct dimpling and other skin issues left behind by a botched liposuction procedure:

    • Shifting Fat Under the Skin – A plastic surgeon may be able to use massage techniques, or more high-tech methods such as radiofrequency or ultrasound, to smooth out tissue under the skin for a more uniform look.
    • Fat Injections – This may sound counterintuitive to have fat injected back into a liposuction site. But in instances where dimpling was caused by a plastic surgeon removing too much fat too quickly, small reinjections of fat with micro-liposuction cannulas can help the skin to lie more smoothly.
    • Skin Removal – In cases in which a patient has had a significant amount of fat removed during liposuction and has retained a lot of excess skin, a procedure like a tummy tuck or an arm lift can remove problem areas neatly and relatively quickly.

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Whether you are considering liposuction for the first time, or are dealing with the after effects of a liposuction procedure that did not go smoothly, you deserve a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon to give you beautiful results. Contact the office of Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda to schedule a consultation and learn more about your liposuction options today.

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