Can Exercise Help Perk Up Sagging Breasts?

If you want to tighten and tone, and want to support overall health and wellness, then a good exercise program is something to integrate into your daily life. However, if you have a particular area of concern, such as the breasts, it could be a mistake to spend months on end attempting to resolve a problem with exercise. This is exactly what many women may try to do, thanks to a host of misinformation on the internet. Certainly, there is a degree of benefit that can stem from focused exercise. At the same time, there are limitations to what can be accomplished. It is important to understand what those are, especially if your goal is to lift sagging breasts.

Muscles and Tissues and Where it all Goes Wrong

The breasts sit on the chest wall over the pectoral muscles. They contain glandular tissue and fat cells. During pregnancy, or if a woman gains weight, fat cells expand in the breasts just as they do across the entire body. Following childbirth, breasts may enlarge even more due to milk production.

When the body returns to its normal weight, fat cells in the breast will understandably shrink. Because the overlying skin has stretched, the outcome of shrinkage may be that the breasts appear deflated. This, along with the forces of gravity, cause the breasts to hang lower on the chest wall. The pectoral muscles beneath breast tissue has little impact, if any, on this positioning.

Get Results the Right Way

There are many situations in life where different approaches can reach the same result. Breast lifting is not one of them. In order to restore perkiness and youthfulness to the breasts, it is necessary to surgically remove the loose skin that is allowing breast tissue to sag. This is not the same thing as breast augmentation with implants. Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is performed to restore a higher, more pronounced profile without enlarging breast size. The two surgeries may be performed in a complementary manner, but many women are able to obtain the appearance they want with a lift alone.

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