Rhinoplasty After Care

There are many advantages and effective uses for Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, including benefiting breathing and enhancing other respiratory problems. Because these procedures typically focus on the inner workings of the nose rather than the outward appearance, a breathing problem can be solved without affecting one’s look, ultimately making life a little easier without much change to your outer appearance. However, Rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons is a popular way to give your nose the appearance you desire.

Just like any other procedure, from Botox to an appointment at a hair salon, treatment and aftercare is extremely important for the healing process. There are many self-care policies you can follow to recover quickly and feel better overall:

  1. Avoid physical activity such as running long distances or swimming for the first couple weeks after Rhinoplasty. Recuperation is imperative to look and feel the way you want in the shortest amount of time.
  2. Eat foods low in salt, those that prevent the retention of fluid and mucous, and those that are not hard or crunchy to avoid disrupting the healing process. Also, blowing your nose, trimming nose hairs, and other uses of your nose, including wearing glasses, can cause disruption in the healing process.
  3. Just as with any procedure and recovery process, sleep is absolutely necessary to heal. Your body generally needs 8 hours of sleep to function, but it is even more important in this case as your nose may have some swelling or some discomfort that resting can help ease. Of course, when you decide to sleep, be sure to properly elevate your head to keep the swelling down, as you would when you ice an injury.

Even though the recovery process is two to four weeks on average, it may take up to a year to be fully recovered and see the final results. Patience is very important with aftercare as stress can harm the body physically and mentally, especially if you store stress in your forehead and nasal cavity.

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