Recovering from Liposuction

Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure because of the versatility it offers patients. During the liposuction procedure, Minneapolis plastic surgeon Christopher J. Kovanda can remove excess fat and sculpt areas of the body such as the thighs, stomach, arms, buttocks, and more. This procedure is highly successful in giving patients the results they desire. As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, patients should be prepared to give the body proper time to rest and recover following liposuction. Dr. Kovanda ensures that each of his Minneapolis patients has realistic expectations for liposuction recovery before committing to the procedure.

For our patients in Minneapolis, liposuction should be seen as a serious cosmetic surgery. Although this is a popular procedure with overwhelmingly positive results, it does have a significant impact on the body and will require appropriate recovery time. At Dr. Kovanda’s practice, we use the Power Assisted Lipoplasty form of liposuction; this technique utilizes a unique, high frequency reciprocating cannula to make fat removal easier and more efficient. This results in less bruising and a quicker recovery for our Minneapolis patients. However, our patients should still expect the following during liposuction recovery:

  • Tenderness and bruising: While our techniques do result in less bruising than traditional liposuction, it is normal for patients to experience some bruising and tenderness. Pain medication may be prescribed to control discomfort during recovery. These symptoms should resolve within a week or two after surgery.
  • Swelling: Swelling is the most common side effect of liposuction. Swelling can be controlled by staying well hydrated, avoiding high salt intake, and gently massaging the treated area to encourage good circulation. Swelling may last for up to two weeks. It will be difficult to realize the full results of liposuction surgery until any swelling has subsided.
  • Use of compression garments: Following liposuction surgery, patients should expect to wear compression garments for several weeks. Compression garments support the body during recovery, help control swelling, and help the skin adjust to the reduction in body fat in the treated area. Proper use of compression garments can decrease the chances of complications following liposuction.

It is important for patients to realize that these are general guidelines of what to expect from liposuction recovery. Every patient will experience a slightly different recovery based on the body’s response to the procedure. Typically, a patient will be able to return to work a week after surgery and will be free of side effects within two weeks. However, healing time may be shorter or longer for some patients. Even with the initial phase of recovery complete, it may take some patients up to six months to notice the full extent of liposuction results. It is important to be patient and give the body the proper time it needs to recover.

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Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda uses the most advanced liposuction techniques at his Minneapolis practice to ensure that patients receive not only the highest quality results, but also the smoothest and quickest recovery. If you have stubborn areas of fat and think your body could benefit from the sculpting provided by liposuction, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kovanda at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you!

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