Radiofrequency and Microneedling Make a Great Team

In recent years, some innovative modalities have been developed and tested for safety and efficacy in anti-aging. As we have come to realize the impact of skin laxity, reputable cosmetic surgeons have sought new ways to address facial aging. Facelift surgery is still an option, but it usually involves both skins tightening and filling. With INTRAcel, skin tightening focuses on collagen, the very origin of youthful skin.

INTRAcel is a proven tightening treatment that combines the power of microneedling and radiofrequency in one powerful therapy. Microneedling has become known as an excellent non-surgical treatment for the early signs of aging, including looseness, wrinkles, and sun spots or other pigmentation concerns. Microneedling is also highly recommended for scars and stretch marks.

Radiofrequency is also a modality that is frequently used in aesthetic medicine, though not in the way it is with an INTRAcel treatment. Radiofrequency, when directed toward the skin, heats the deeper-lying tissue where collagen is stored. When this tissue is heated, collagen strands contract, tightening the skin temporarily. Over time, collagen remodels to tighter strands, achieving long-term results. After an initial series of treatments, patients can usually manage aging skin with periodic touch-ups.

How INTRAcel Differs

Seeing the power of microneedling, and the power of radiofrequency, the developers of INTRAcel have combined the two for maximum impact. After anesthetizing the skin, the treatment applicator glides over the face with dozens of microneedles, tiny needles that are barely felt, but that greatly affect collagen production. What is different about this particular treatment is that the microneedles that briefly enter the epidermis are powered with fractional, pulsed radiofrequency energy. Delivering radiofrequency directly to the dermis, the power of this energy is amplified – and so are results.

Treatment may be conducted in as little as 30 minutes but may take significantly longer depending on the number of areas treated. Clinical pain-relieving medication facilitates comfort, but patients may sense mild discomfort such as heat or tingling as energy is absorbed into superficial tissue. After treatment, redness and minor swelling may occur. Sometimes, the skin looks slightly bruised. These side effects of thermal energy typically fade over 24 hours.

Schedule a Consultation

Are your brows, jawline, cheeks, or lips in need of a lift? Consider how a non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatment like INTRAcel can work for you. Learn more when you call our Edina office at 612-335-9032.

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