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Put Extra Fat to Good Use with Innovative Body Contouring Options

Tired of looking at those love handles or muffin top? Ready to bid that extra fat farewell? Instead of getting rid of unwanted fat pockets, use them to your advantage. With the latest body contouring options, you can take fat from places you don’t want and use it to augment those areas that could use a few extra curves.

Autologous fat transfer is the process by which we remove unwanted fat deposits from one area of the body and inject them into another. This technique is replacing synthetic implants for many patients, allowing them a more natural, long-lasting result. With the dual benefit of slimming one area while adding volume to another, it’s no wonder fat transfer is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today.

Goodbye Fat!

The first step in the fat transfer process is removal of fat pockets via liposuction. Liposuction uses micro incisions and a small cannula to loosen fat cells and gently suction them out of the body. Liposuction can be used on nearly any area, including the hips, thighs, abdomen, upper arms and neck. Dr. Christopher Kovanda uses power-assisted liposuction for his liposuction procedures, because it reduces bruising and trauma to the skin and surrounding tissue.

Once the fat is removed from the donor site, it is purified and prepared for the next phase of the process. Harvested fat can then be placed into another area of the body by injection, similar to the procedure used for soft tissue fillers like Juvederm.

Hello Curves!

Injections of harvested fat are strategically placed in areas requiring volume to produce a rounder, fuller body profile. The fat can be used to augment smaller areas like the cheeks and jawline or larger areas of the body. The procedure has become particularly popular in areas that were previously augmented through synthetic implants, such as the breasts and buttocks.

Fat injections provide a number of significant benefits over implants, including:

  • More natural look and feel to the augmented area
  • Procedure uses patient’s own fat cells
  • Results can be very long-lasting
  • No worry of ruptured implants or implant leakage
  • Procedure can be performed on outpatient basis, without general anesthesia
  • No residual scarring as with surgical procedures

In addition, patients enjoy the double benefit of sculpting one area of the body while augmenting another, for even more dramatic body contouring results. To learn more about fat transfer for areas like the buttocks and breasts, contact Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery at 855-337-4367 to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Kovanda.

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