Is it Possible to Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty has long been a popular cosmetic procedure and is one that cosmetic surgeons are careful to plan and perform. The intent of this procedure is to refine the shape and size of the nose, so this central feature sits harmoniously on the face. For the individual whose nose is prominent, crooked, humped, or even too small, rhinoplasty can be a life changing procedure. At the same time, there are aspects of this surgery that need to be carefully considered and thoroughly discussed.

Statistics indicate that approximately 15% of rhinoplasty procedures are revised at a later date. Because revision rhinoplasty is more challenging than the initial surgery, we like to do whatever we can to achieve the desired outcome the first time around. Some of the meaningful ways to reduce the likelihood of revision rhinoplasty are right at your fingertips.

Know What You Want, But Be Flexible

The very first step in the rhinoplasty procedure is to have a good idea of what you’d like to achieve. Some patients go so far as to cut out pictures of their favorite celebrity nose to show their surgeon. While it is advantageous to have an idea of the outcome you would like to achieve (shorten the tip, narrow the tip, shave off a lump on the bridge), being too specific is dangerous.

A nose looks beautiful on a face because it is at home on that face. If the shape and size you believe you want is at home on a long, angular face, but your face is rounder, the outcome of rhinoplasty may not be at all what you imagined. Knowing what you want, within a wider range of parameters, allows you and your surgeon to work toward the best outcome for your facial structure.

Know your Surgeon

We hate even to say it, but it is possible to find a cosmetic surgeon who will give you the exact nose you show in pictures. If you’ve heard of the show Botched, you know this is a sad truth. If you want to avoid rhinoplasty revision, you want to work with a surgeon who will be completely honest about what will look good on your face, and what won’t – even if that is the nose you have brought to the table. An experienced surgeon will have numerous images of patients, and personal testimonials, as well as board-certification and memberships with medical societies. Honors and awards are nice to see, too. This surgeon will be able to discuss your expectations in detail and explain what is possible for you.

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