Plastic Surgery Costs and Financing

If you want to look your best, it’s important that you eat healthy, stay well-hydrated, exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and abstain from drinking in excess. Yet even then, there are times when the natural effects of aging will cause wrinkles, sagging, and other aesthetic issues with body contour. That’s why many people consider visiting with a skilled Minneapolis plastic surgeon to learn more about their cosmetic surgery options. Cosmetic surgery is effective yet can be a financial burden to some patients. We’d like to look at these concerns in brief right now.

The Average Cost of Plastic Surgery Procedures

The average cost of plastic surgery really depends on the surgery you undergo. More complicated procedures can cost several thousand dollars depending on the extent of the work required. Total makeovers (a combination of different procedures) can cost even more.

Rather than provide you with estimates online, we feel it would be better that you speak with a team member at our cosmetic surgery center serving Minneapolis. That way we can provide you with a better assessment of your personal surgical needs based on the particulars of your situation.

How the Price of Plastic Surgery is Determined

There are a number of factors that will affect the cost of the plastic surgery you undergo, such as:

  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • The location of the practice
  • The complexity of the surgery
  • And special surgical techniques used

One example to consider: the cost of a Minneapolis breast augmentation surgery can vary depending on the type of implants used and the surgical technique required to achieve the desired results.

Insurance Coverage and Plastic Surgery Procedures

In general, the majority of cosmetic surgery procedures are not covered by medical insurance. This is because these surgeries are considered elective and hence not medically necessary. The exception is surgeries that are reconstructive in nature, such as breast reconstruction surgery or rhinoplasty to fix a broken nose. Since insurance policies differ, be sure to check with your provider just in case.

Financing Plans and Monthly Installments

If you are unable to pay for the surgery on your own, there are financing options to consider. These are generally run through a third party who pays for the total cost of the plastic surgery. The patient is then responsible for paying this third party back every month. With reasonable interest rates and fixed amounts per month, many patients find that this is an ideal way for them to budget responsibly while also receiving the procedure they want.

Making the Best Decision Based on Your Needs

In addition to monthly installment plans, patients who are interested in facial plastic surgery or body contouring can consider non-surgical treatments as well. These are less expensive and less invasive than cosmetic surgery and have been known to yield some excellent results. We will go over all of your options in full detail during your visit.

Learn More About Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

For more information about aesthetic enhancement and how you can best meet all of your anti-aging and wrinkle reduction goals, be sure to contact our Minneapolis, MN cosmetic plastic surgery center today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you look and feel your best.

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