The Perks of Smaller, Perkier Breasts

A large percentage of the cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed each year are focused on the breasts. Most often, we think of breast enlargement, but there is another popular demand that we see today: the desire for smaller breasts. As breast reduction surgery becomes more common, patients are discovering some hidden perks they didn’t imagine before their procedure. Here is a bit of what you have to look forward to after breast reduction.

Advantages of Breast Reduction

  • Greater overall confidence

Breast reduction often revolves around the desire to feel more comfortable on the physical level (goodbye shoulder indentations!). When the emotional benefit of improved confidence appears, it might just take you by surprise. Confidence improves when the outer appearance of your body reflects how you have envisioned yourself for so long. Also, and quite importantly, breast reduction puts an end to the unwarranted – and unwanted – attention a woman receives as she goes about her life.

  • Better body proportions

The upper body and the lower body should relate, harmonize. When the breasts have received all of Mother Nature’s attention, it is this part of the body that throws the rest into disarray. As we already mentioned, the obvious exaggeration of the upper body can lead to embarrassment due to unwanted attention. But there’s more. Fitting into clothing, including bras and bathing suits, can be extremely difficult when proportions are lacking.

  • Improved health

What do the breasts have to do with health? It isn’t as though larger breasts increase your risk for breast cancer. What they do, though, is get in the way of your desire to exercise. And when you don’t exercise, your health suffers. Excessive breast size makes it difficult to gain the support that is needed for exercise, especially aerobic activity. Even strength training, yoga, and other forms of exercise are difficult when the breasts must be “worked around.”

Not every woman is interested in getting larger breasts. The point is to have your breast align with the rest of your shape. This may mean reduction. If you would like to know more about this body-sculpting procedure, we would love to meet you in our Edina office. Just call (612) 335-9032 to speak with a friendly member of our staff.

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