Men Want to Look Great, Too!

Throughout the ages, the ideals surrounding aging have been quite associated quite differently with women than with men. Historically, there has been a higher standard, a more obvious expectation, that a woman will care for herself in a manner that allows her to maintain a youthful appearance. When she begins to look older, she can always turn to her trusted plastic surgeon for a little help. Now, we are seeing a wonderful turn of events for men; and a shift in the attitude toward anti-aging treatments.

Male vs. Female Plastic Surgery

The gap in standards for men and women is narrowing. Still, men may feel as though they have a lot to learn when it comes to addressing concerns related to aging and its effects on the physical appearance of the body and face. The reasons that the average male wants to ease the signs of aging may be very different from most women. However, in the end, both want the same thing: a younger aesthetic that looks a la natural!

Bye, Bye, Dad Bod!

One of the most significant changes that a man may experience is a loosening of the connective tissue in the torso and the accumulation of excess fat. To be blunt, it’s the problem of man boobs. The medical term we use is gynecomastia. The treatment most often used to resolve the “dad bod” issue is liposuction, though there may be a bit more involved depending on the characteristics of gynecomastia.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

The eyes are impactful in every human interaction. When a man’s eyelids are very heavy, or his brow line sits low, he may be perceived as serious, harsh, unfriendly. Blepharoplasty is a quick and lasting solution that can reveal some of the best features on the face.

Join the Botox Club, Bro!

When Botox first became available, it was largely women who sought the wrinkle-reducing effects of this powerful injectable. Men may be about a decade behind, but they are catching up as far as numbers go. Today, “Brotox” is a common reference for the treatment of aging on the male face. In addition to the Botox trend, there is also more interest in dermal fillers for men who want to restore the angular proportions of the jaw line and other parts of the face.

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Men don’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch as the women in their lives attend to their aesthetic needs. Learn more about anti-aging in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Call Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery in Edina at (612) 335-9032 today!

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