How Men are Making the Most of Aesthetic Treatments

We can look through the history books and find ample evidence that men have been interested in their appearance for hundreds of years. Aesthetic beauty is not a women’s issue, it is a human issue. For a period of time, men’s desire for physical improvement has been somewhat limited. Men could talk about their muscles. They could spend hours in the gym. But beyond this, conversation was more hushed. Not anymore!

Today, men are able to freely discuss how they have been affected by the aging process. More than that, they can do something about it. More men are obtaining non-surgical and surgical rejuvenating treatments than ever before. Since the turn of the century, we have witnessed over 300% increase in male aesthetic procedures. So, what are men doing to look and feel their best?

It’s all about the Sculpting . . .

Just conjure up images of the Statue of David in your mind’s eye, and you know what a man has instinctively been taught to envision for himself. Clearly, genetics were on David’s side. Many men today work incredibly hard to attain and maintain a sculpted physique, often in opposition to their genetic code.

A pressing problem that men sometimes cannot overcome, no matter how many bench-presses they do, is excessive breast tissue. We refer to this condition as gynecomastia. For far too long, men were led to believe that “man boobs” were their fault, or that there was nothing they could do about it because it was just an inherited trait. Now, we know better. Male breast reduction surgery is an important procedure in our Edina office. We are pleased to have the ability to help men renew their sense of confidence by refining their chest contours.

 . . . And Slimming

A sculpted chest goes hand in hand with a streamlined abdomen. Fat cells tend to easily accumulate across a man’s midsection. Liposuction is a common procedure that men use to slim down this area, including those love handles, to better reveal the muscle tone beneath.

Body contouring treatments are just one area in which men are redefining how they age. Neck lift surgeries and non-surgical skin tightening treatments are also growing in popularity as adjunct therapies to injectable wrinkle-reduction.

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