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Liposuction and Your Body

Millions of liposuction procedures have been performed over several years, and numerous improvements have been made to this efficient method of reducing body-fat. Often, fat-reduction is exactly what liposuction is perceived as; and why not? The procedure extracts fat cells from an area such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. There is merit to the perception of liposuction as a fat-reduction procedure. At the same time, this could be problematic.

Perception is Everything

How we perceive something is what we believe to be true. Where liposuction is concerned, the idea that this surgery is primarily performed for fat-reduction could lead to some false beliefs. Surgeons have been setting the record straight for years, but find a continually need to do so. Here, we want to point out what liposuction has to do with the body.

  • Fat-reduction through liposuction is not about weight. Not in the least. The intent of this surgery is to reduce the number of fat cells in a localized area so that the contours of that area are in better proportion with the rest of the body. It’s a sculpting process, not one that will result in much change on the scale.
  • Body-contouring is not reserved for certain body types. The idea of liposuction as a procedure to reduce fat can lead to the idea that you may be too thin to benefit from a little fat-trimming. Liposuction is currently performed on a wide variety of areas, including the chin and the backs of the arms, and also the outer thighs, inner thighs, and above the knees. These are all areas that can hold fat even on a “thin” body-type.
  • Surgical body sculpting is a great way to reach the appearance you desire; the one that brings out your greatest confidence and satisfaction. Because the removal of fat cells is not a method of inhibiting future gain, it is necessary to continually make choices in diet and exercise that will support long-term results. When good habits are employed, the slimmer physique attained with liposuction is much more likely to last.

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