It’s Time to Fall into an Autumn Skincare Routine

Summer slipped away and the days are getting colder and drier. Now it’s important to think about your new fall skincare needs. Below are 4 ways to get you through the transition into the new season.  

Thick sweater season means thicker moisturizer season

When bundling up with warmer clothes don’t forget your face needs some extra protection too! Drier air in the fall calls for thicker moisturizer than what you use in the summer.

DEJ face cream-

This anti-aging face cream is great to use both day and night. It fights visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It keeps skin glowing and hydrated all autumn long.

Hydrating Serum-

If you’re looking for a lighter oil-free moisturized feel this serum is for you. Two forms of Hyaluronic Acid give your skin short and long-term moisturization.

Restorative Night Cream-

This night cream is thick and luxurious but still lightweight. Its anti-aging properties soak into your skin overnight. When you wake up, your skin will be hydrated and appear more youthful.

Tis’ the season for intense treatments

Intense treatments are best for fall and winter because of significantly less sun exposure. Treatments such as the Halo, INTRAcel, Skin Pen and BBL make skin sensitive to the sun. It’s best to get these done in the fall to avoid irritation or further damage after your treatment, as well as to repair the sun damage your skin already experienced.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Even though the sun may not feel intense, it can still cause the same damage to your skin. The best way to prevent overexposure and damage that leads to signs of aging is with any of our sunscreens.

  • Intellishade Original SPF 45 (tinted)
  • Intellishade Matte SPF 45 (tinted)
  • Intellishade TruPhysical SPF 45 (tinted)
  • Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50

Check-in with a facial

The beginning of the fall season is a great time to get a facial. Oil and dirt build up in your pores more in the summer from sweating. Extractions and exfoliation are good solutions to your post-summer concerns. The hydrating components of the facial will help you go into fall with a fresh face. It’s also a good time to stock up on your fall product essentials.    

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