Is it Time for a Lift?

Facial cosmetic surgery can be a beneficial step toward optimal self-confidence. Procedures such as eyelid rejuvenation, brow lifting, and facelift surgery have all shown incredible effectiveness at helping men and women feel better about their appearance as they age. While face and neck lift surgeries continue to be performed routinely year after year, the advent of numerous non-surgical rejuvenating treatments has made it more difficult for some people to determine when the time for a lift has come.

The bottom line is that facelift surgery, or any degree of surgical facial rejuvenation, is a very personal decision. Every person must answer for him or herself when they want to take steps toward reawakening the best in their face. Some of the indicators that steps should be taken include:

  • Jowls have become noticeable. There are nonsurgical ways to treat sagging at the jawline, known as jowls. These include INTRAcel radiofrequency and microneedling treatment and injectables. When jowls persist despite nonsurgical treatments or treatment is often required to sustain collagen remodeling, a surgical lift may be a better option.
  • Cheeks have flattened. Midface volume loss is a major indicator of age and one that causes a great deal of frustration for men and women of all ages. Volume can be restored using soft-tissue fillers such as Voluma. However, advanced volume loss may be more appropriately treated with a midface lift combined with fat grafting for fuller, more rounded cheeks.
  • The face just looks tired. Facial aging occurs gradually, affecting individual areas separately, or so it seems. First, you may notice perpetual frown lines. Then, your eyes may look tired or angry pretty much all the time. One day you may notice that the corners of your mouth have begun to turn downward, then lines between the nose and mouth or the mouth and chin deepen. Finally, the area just beneath the chin loosens and seems to grow fat. In time, these separate concerns all come together to make a face look older, tired, and unfriendly. Facelift surgery, by draping superficial tissue higher on bone structure, refreshes the facial aesthetic to be friendlier and more energetic.

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