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Is Breast Reconstruction Right for Me?

If you are battling breast cancer or you are at high risk of developing this disease, a mastectomy can be a difficult step. It means losing a part of yourself. This change to your body can harm your self-esteem. Breast reconstruction is an option that can help you to reclaim your confidence in yourself. Dr. Kovanda understands the stress you are under. He works hard to make you comfortable during the process. His goal for breast reconstruction is to provide healing for the patient from the emotional, mental, social, and physical side affects of breast cancer.

Is Breast Reconstruction the Best Choice for You?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure intended to restore your breast(s). Tissue from other parts of your body can be used to replace what was removed. Breast implants are an option that can be used in reconstruction to restore the look you had before. Choosing to reconstruct your breasts is your personal choice. You have options that can make you feel better about yourself if you do not choose surgery. Prosthetic breasts and pads can restore your figure.

Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery a Cosmetic Procedure?

Breast reconstruction is considered a type of reconstructive procedure. It is considered medically necessary for women who request it after a mastectomy. Insurance companies cover this type of surgery because it is considered a form of treatment for cancer.

When Should You Have Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Timing for breast reconstruction is a personal decision. It will also depend on your treatment plan. Some women choose to have their breasts reconstructed at the same time they have their mastectomy. Others may put off their procedure. It could be several years later. Your surgeon will discuss your options with you.

What are Your Options for Breast Reconstruction?

There are several modalities for breast reconstruction. Dr. Kovanda uses breast implants for his reconstruction patients. Specifically, Dr. Kovanda uses silicone gel implants and was one of the surgeons involved in the implant study for the FDA. Dr. Kovanda also performs breast implant revision for patients who choose to get implants.

How Long Will It Take for Breast Reconstruction and Recovery?

Breast reconstruction is a lengthy procedure. The procedure itself could take between two to six hours. It will depend on the individual’s needs. You’ll be sent to recovery for at least two hours while our staff monitors you.

Once you go home, you will have to limit your amount of physical activity. You’ll be tender and experience swelling for approximately three weeks. Bruising is common at this time as well. Expect to get back to your normal activities within eight weeks after your procedure. Dr. Kovanda will check on your progress regularly. Be sure to keep your annual checkup and mammogram. You should check your breasts every month.

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