Hydrafacial: The No-Downtime Facial You Need for the Holidays

It’s getting down to the last minute before the holidays. How better to ring in the New Year than with a fresh face? The Hydrafacial is what you’ve been looking for!

You’ve probably already noticed the difference in your skin these past few months. The bitter cold outside and blazing heat in your car is bound to dry you out. However, we have a hydrating miracle for you just in time for Christmas. The Hydrafacial!    

“One of the things that makes the Hydrafacial ideal so close to the holidays is that it has no downtime”, says Megan Schmitz, one of the Aestheticians at Kovanda Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Institute.

With the holidays just around the corner everyone has Christmas and New Years parties booked back to back. This leaves little time to get an invasive facial treatment. The good news is with Hydrafacial you get great results and “it can be done the day before” any of your holiday celebrations, says Megan. You are also able to wear makeup right after your treatment, but you probably won’t want to!     

Hydrafacial has its benefits for any season, but these are heightened in Minnesota’s harsh winters. Throughout the treatment Hyaluronic acid is infused directly into the skin. This intense and direct hydration is what gives your skin that iconic Hydrafacial glow. You can see an immediate brightness in your skin after just one treatment.

Because there is no downtime, this is a treatment you can get as often as once a week. That way you can fit in a few Hydrafacials last minute before the New Year.

As a special gift to all our patients, we are sweetening your Hydrafacial treatment with a free dermaplane if you book with Megan, who has recently returned after a couple years off. The dermaplane is the extra step to boost your results from great to amazing! The dermaplane is a quick and painless exfoliation treatment. When done before a Hydrafacial it helps the products penetrate the skin more effectively.     

These penetrative benefits don’t just stop after your Hydrafacial. The products you use at home will also absorb at a higher rate. So now is the time to stock up on the best products for aftercare. The Hydrating Serum is a must-have after the Hydrafacial. This Revision Skincare product plays off the Hyaluronic acid already infused into the skin. Vitamin C Lotion 30% is the other Revision product you need to have this winter. “This brightens the skin and is great for fine lines, wrinkles and age spots,” says Megan. It also contains antioxidants that kill of cancer-causing free radicals.   

Not finished with your Christmas shopping? Or in the mood to treat yourself to some holiday cheer? Buy a Hydrafacial package for you or your loved ones. Call us to book your Hydrafacial at 612-335-9032.

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