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How to Select a Plastic Surgeon

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you’ll want to make sure it is safe and performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. The best way to do this is to meet with several plastic surgeons and carefully research them before choosing one. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting your board-certified plastic surgeon.

Make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified

Your plastic surgeon should have certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (APBS). This board has a specific process of qualification, examination, and recertification that ensures the expert status of the plastic surgeon. If your plastic surgeon is not board certified, then there’s no guarantee that they have the expertise and qualifications you need for a safe and effective procedure.

Look for reliable references

Ask people who have undergone the kind of plastic surgery you’re considering for references. Ask what their experience was like and if they’re happy with their results. Additionally, read many different reviews for your chosen plastic surgeon to get a feel for their previous patients’ results, concerns, and satisfaction ratings.

Examine your plastic surgeon’s website

A clean, well-structured website reveals a lot about a plastic surgeon. When looking at credentials, find out how each certification is obtained and upheld, and the qualifications a plastic surgeon must have. Additionally, check to make sure they have accurate information about the procedures they perform and a before-and-after gallery for viewing.

Make sure they have hospital priviledges

If your plastic surgeon has hospital privileges, that means they can access hospital equipment and facilities. Even if they perform your surgery elsewhere, hospital privileges show that the hospital has vetted their qualifications and has a good working relationship with your plastic surgeon.

Ask about your plastic surgeon’s specific experience

An experienced plastic surgeon doesn’t mind sharing their expertise. If you’re considering Dr. Kovanda or another plastic surgeon, ask how often they perform your chosen procedure and whether they specialize in any specific techniques for it.

Ask them to clarify all potential risks, benefits, and complications

If your chosen plastic surgeon tells you everything will be fine when you ask questions or voice your concerns, it’s a red flag. Despite the relatively low risk of complications associated with plastic surgery (performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon), your plastic surgeon should be able to describe the risks and how you can effectively mitigate them. Nothing is certain, and your plastic surgeon should be honest and realistic.

Make sure your surgical facility is accredited

Wherever your procedure is performed, whether a hospital or a private surgical center, it should be accredited and able to provide emergency medical equipment in the event of complications. Your plastic surgeon should be able to tell you exactly where your surgery will take place and their relationship with it.

Ask about your plastic surgeon’s certified anesthesiologist

Your plastic surgeon’s anesthesiologist is responsible for making sure the procedure is safe, stable, and pain-free. A good plastic surgeon has a preferred anesthesiologist that they’ve worked with before and who matches their level of dedication, care, and thoroughness.

Discuss what to expect from recovery

It’s important to know how long the recovery period lasts and what to expect, especially during the first 24-48 hours after surgery. Recovery from surgery is unique for every patient, so you should ask your plastic surgeon how to contact them and what to expect after surgery. They should be able to give you a detailed list of instructions and contact information for your recovery period.

Ask for references to other plastic surgeons

Choosing the right plastic surgeon depends on your personal preferences. You should interview two or three plastic surgeons before selecting one who meets your needs and which you feel comfortable with. If you speak with a plastic surgeon who doesn’t perform the procedure you need, make sure to ask them for references to other plastic surgeons in their field whom they have a good relationship with.

Schedule a Consultation

These are just a few ways you can ensure your plastic surgery is safe, whether you choose Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery or somewhere else. To meet with Dr. Kovanda and learn more about how to select a board-certified plastic surgeon, contact our Minneapolis office by calling or filling out our online form.

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