How to Boost your Dermaplaning Results

After your Dermaplaning is a perfect time to nourish your skin with a product packed treatment!

Emily Seipel, the aesthetician at Kovanda Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Institute, highly recommends supplementing your Dermaplaning. The HydraFacial or a Chemical Peel depending on your skin type are great ideas. These are both product rich treatments that penetrate the skin more effectively. You will find your skin baby soft and glowing.

Protecting your skin is essential to keeping it healthy and youthful. “Always use sunscreen whenever exfoliating,” says Emily. Kovanda Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Institute offers a wide variety of wonderful sunscreens from the Revision SkinCare line.

  • Intellishade Original SPF 45 (tinted)
  • Intellishade Matte SPF 45 (tinted)
  • Intellishade TruPhysical SPF 45 (tinted)
  • Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50

Dermaplaning is for all skin types other than those with active acne, eczema, rosacea, or active cold sores. You can pick up a sunscreen to protect your exfoliated skin when you come in for your treatment.

Call us at 612-335-9032 today to book a Dermaplane at $60 per treatment! If you add Dermaplane to a HydraFacial, or another type of Facial or Chemical Peel, it is only $30.

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