Halo Healing Therapies is Your New Go-To Massage Spot

Whether your fresh out of surgery or not you’re going to want to know about Halo Healing Therapies.

We always recommend Halo Healing Therapies to our patients after surgery. Getting the lymphatic massage they offer post operation is wonderful for the healing process. It reduces swelling and can lessen discomfort.  

My experience

Halo Healing Therapies was my first experience with getting a massage. I called the number on their website and was immediately given an appointment. I had a lot of uncertainties going into the experience. What do I wear? Will it tickle? Will it hurt? I’m an over-thinker so I have to admit I did some initial googling to make sure I knew the do’s and don’ts of getting a massage.

I chose to go to the Northeast studio located right by the Twins Stadium. The neighborhood was sunny and adorable. I loved that it was in a hip old warehouse like building in such a hot area. I even stopped for a herbal tea in the coffee shop located just below Halo.

Walking into the space I was immediately put at ease. It was cozy with posh furniture and shelves lined with candles, oils and other relaxing goodies. It smelled of fresh essential oils that got me into massage mode. 

The massage was incredible! My massage therapist was so great at making me feel at ease and listening to my preferences for the massage. I could tell that she was genuinely invested in me having an amazing experience. I would go back to Halo Healing Therapies in a heartbeat! Which is dangerous, because now I’m going to want massages ALL the time. 

My takeaway

Now that I’ve experienced it myself I can say I would recommend Halo Healing Therapies massages to anyone. Especially our patients post procedure. Not only does it improve the healing experience, it is a great way to treat yourself! Call them today to book an appointment 612-251-6495

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