Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

I have just returned from the preeminent meeting on fat grafting of the Breast in Lyon France. It was a compilation of 30 years of experience in France with Dr. Delay and the most up to date science and art of lipomodeling of the breast for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes. They have the most extensive experience with combined over 4500 cases. 1700 were performed by a single surgeon.

Fat grafting of the breast was previously frowned upon because of its effects on mammography, but the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) recently presented a position paper stating that it is an option for women now and does not inhibit the detection of breast cancer. It is a good option when performed with good technique needing precise surgery and precise indications.  It takes a skilled plastic surgeon with an eye for the aesthetic, precision and skill performed in select individuals with adequate donor sites and appropriate pre and post radiologic screening.

There was presented the latest science behind refining of the technique of harvesting, processing and placing the fat to maximize fat graft take and the aesthetic result.

In one or multiple sessions both reconstructive and cosmetic patients can be treated including congenital reconstruction (tuberous breast, polands syndrome, pectus excavatum), breast cancer reconstruction (BRAVA, latisimus without implant, secondary enhancement of shape of TRAM or implants to camouflage and create a more natural shape, to fill partial mastectomy defects, but has less predictable results after radiation), and cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation with a moderate increase in size for patients desiring a natural shape and feel, or to camouflage existing implants or help reduce capsule formation.

Fat grafting is now a viable option for breast augmentation patients in Minneapolis and increases the options available for plastic surgeons.

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