Fat Grafting of the Breasts – Restorative Purposes

Fat Grafting of the Breasts | MinnesotaAdvances in cosmetic surgery have led to many beneficial procedures and refinements for patients. It’s important to us that we remain at the forefront of these advances. By being ahead of the curve, we are able to help our patients achieve the absolute best results. When you meet with a skilled plastic surgeon, you can learn about all of these options in much greater detail.

One new plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery treatment that we are excited to discuss is fat grafting. There are many applications for it, and the one we’ll look at for now is breast reconstruction.

What is fat grafting treatment?

Also known as microlipoinjetion and fat transfer therapy, fat grafting involves the removal of fat from different parts of the body and the introduction of this fat into another part of the body. This enhances the volume of the treatment area, resulting in better overall appearance. This fat is harvested through liposuction, usually targeting the abdomen, the hips, and the buttocks.

The Benefits of Fat Grafting Treatment

One of the great benefits of fat grafting is that it functions as a filler injection but carries few risks of allergic reaction or rejection since it uses a patient’s own body fat. In addition, patients do experience positive changes in their body contour thanks to the liposuction used for harvesting the fat.

Why use fat grafting for breast enhancement?

Fat grafting as a means of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction is far less invasive than traditional surgery. Many times it’s an outpatient procedure, which means less downtime, less discomfort, and fewer chances of adverse complications. Since actual tissue is involved rather than a synthetic implant, the texture and feel of the breasts following fat transfer is more natural.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Reconstruction Through Fat Grafting

The best candidates for fat grafting breast reconstruction are women who have lost a breast or both breasts to cancer or as a result of an injury. They should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the process and what it will entail.

Since the fat grafting procedure requires body fat to be extracted, it’s important that the patient has some excess body fat that can be harvested. Patients who have very low body fat may not be good candidates for this treatment option.

The Fat Grafting/Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Liposuction is performed in order to harvest fat from one part of the patient’s body. Once harvested, this fat is spun with centrifugal force in order to purify it. This fat is then injected into the breasts to increase volume. A tissue expander is then applied to the breast to help increase its size and adjust shape of the breasts.

Multiple Fat Grafting Procedures Are Required for the Best Results

Patients will return to the practice for additional fat transfers in order to enhance the overall size and shape of the breasts. For women who have undergone a full mastectomy, there may be between three to five separate fat transfers to achieve optimal results. Over time, some of the transferred fat will be naturally reabsorbed into the body. In order to address these matters, additional fat transfers can be performed to ensure the best possible appearance.

Learn More About Breast Enhancement Through Fat Grafting

For more information about breast restoration and the many other options out there for fat grafting treatment, be sure to contact our cosmetic surgery center serving Minneapolis today. The entire team here is eager to meet with you in person and discuss all of your options for aesthetic enhancement.

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