Exercise and Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know

Among all the women who visit our Minneapolis area plastic surgery practice, there is a shared love of physical fitness. The ways that our patients stay fit differ as much as their reasons for wanting breast enlargement, but the mere fact that exercise is important to them brings up a crucial point of recovery: when and how to work out after breast augmentation.

Recovery typically goes a lot smoother than patients anticipate. Often, post-operative discomfort resolves far more quickly than expected, which can give a patient the impression that they can resume their normal activities, including their normal exercise routine. This may not be the best idea. If you are planning breast augmentation with us or another plastic surgeon, consider these post-surgery workout tips:

  • Those post-op instructions . . . follow them. Your surgeon has performed hundreds of procedures. Breast augmentation being one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, there is ample data to guide us in making recommendations to each individual patient. During follow up visits after surgery, we discuss with our patients what exercise they may safely engage in at that time.
  • That still small voice . . . listen! That still small voice we’re talking about is your body. After cosmetic surgery, many patients say they feel more in tune with their body. That’s because the body knows what it needs and will speak, you just need to get on the right channel. Don’t ignore your urge to rest. Pushing back into a workout could actually lengthen your overall recovery time.
  • Rest: schedule it. Like avid athletes schedule days off for rest and recovery, so should you. This is just as relevant for the weight lifter as it is for the woman who does yoga to stay fit. A day off each week – or a few – is what your body needs to replenish after surgery.
  • Give the upper body a little more rest. As you ease back into a workout routine, start out light. Muscles in the chest and arms may be affected from the breast surgery, and will need a little time to regain strength and flexibility. Go light, go less, look and feel great!

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