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Dr. Kovanda Trains in Fat Grafting Breast Enhancement Surgery

Edina, MN – Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda returned from a meeting in Lyon, France where he received training and insight into breast enhancement surgery that utilizes fat grafting techniques. This meeting combined more than three decades of plastic surgery know-how and actual, first-hand surgical experience.

By listening to and interacting with these colleagues and peers, Dr. Kovanda has received invaluable knowledge. This insight will benefit his breast augmentation and breast reconstruction patients for years to come.

About Fat Grafting and Breast Enhancement Surgery

Also referred to as fat transfer and microlipoinjection, fat transfer techniques refer to the removal of fat from one part of the body so that it can be injected into another area. This fat is harvested from a donor site on the patient’s own body (usually the abdominal area or buttocks) through liposuction and then carefully injected into the treatment area. Dr. Kovanda received specific training in fat transfer to the breasts, a procedure in which the breasts are injected with fat in order to improve size and contour.

Learning from Other Professionals with Immense Experience

The surgical experts in attendance at this meeting have performed more than 4,500 combined fat grafting breast enhancement surgeries. One surgeon had personally performed 1,700 procedures. The knowledge and information shared at this meeting of minds has proven crucial to Dr. Kovanda, allowing him to reconsider and refine previously held notions about breast surgeries and the use of fat injections in various capacities.

The Latest Information Paints Fat Grafting for Breast Enhancement in a Good Light

For some time, fat transfer was not considered a good option for breast enhancement. It was believed that the fat injected into the breasts would interfere with mammograms and breast cancer detection.

Yet contrary to this, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently delivered a position paper in which they stated that the fat does not affect cancer detection during a mammogram. In addition, the ASPS noted that the fat grafting process has become quite acceptable for the needs of many women.

Applications for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Care

One of the best aspects of fat transfer for breast surgery is that it can be used for cosmetic as well as reconstructive needs.

Women who have lost a breast due to cancer can have that breast restored using natural tissue that looks and feels more like breast tissue than a breast implant. Similarly, the women who undergo traditional breast augmentation with implants can have the results enhanced through far transfer, improving shape and texture. The fat injections can make the breast implants appear more natural.

A Commitment to Continuing Education Means Continuing Improvement

Attending meetings like this is nothing out of the ordinary for Dr. Kovanda. He is committed to the best in patient care, which means that he is also committed to continually improving his techniques and methods.

Dr. Kovanda will continue to seek out educational opportunities like the fat transfer meeting in Lyon. Such gatherings will offer fresh and exciting perspectives into cosmetic surgery, ultimately with improved patient care and benefits in mind.

Find Out More about Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Techniques

Those who are interested in learning more about fat grafting for breast surgery and how it can benefit patients are encouraged to contact Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery, which serves the greater Minneapolis area. The practice can be reached at:

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