Your Breast Augmentation Myths Debunked

Breast augmentation is the enhancement of breast size and shape with breast implants. Although this procedure has been one of the most popular in cosmetic plastic surgery for several years, myths surrounding breast augmentation continue to swirl across the internet. To make matters worse, the spread of misinformation is often coupled with poor examples of what it means to enlarge the breasts. At Kovanda Aesthetic Surgery, we want to help our patients discern fact from fiction. Here, we will look at a few of the myths that may be keeping you from taking the next step toward your selected procedure.

Bigger implants are better

In some cases, bigger may be better. Who wouldn’t like a bigger paycheck, or maybe the occasional bigger slice of cake? When looking at enhancing the shape, it would be an enormous mistake to look only at the size of the area of concern. Many women, some of the notable celebrities, have learned the hard way that bigger implants don’t necessary look better. In recent years, a number of them, including Victoria Beckham, seem to have caught onto this fact and now sport smaller, more alluring breasts.

Breast augmentation will not look natural

If you look at examples of breast augmentation such as Coco Austin (wife of rapper Ice-T), or Tori Spelling, you would believe that breast augmentation will permanently alter your natural appearance. The fact is, you probably know women who have had breast augmentation without being aware of it. When breast implants are carefully selected after much discussion with your experienced plastic surgeon, the end-result should be well-rounded breasts that are in proportion with your height, weight, and overall frame. The goal of this procedure is to create harmony, not to make the breasts stand out as unearthly fixtures on your body.

Sagging breasts can be lifted with implants

This is an easy myth to believe. It seems logical that by increasing the volume of the breasts, that they would inherently sit higher on the chest. This is not the case. Breasts do not necessarily sag because they have lost their volume, but because the skin and tissue that support height have lost their elasticity and resiliency. To correct sagging breasts, your plastic surgeon will perform breast lift surgery, called mastopexy. If deflation is also a concern, breast implants may be combined with the lift procedure.

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