Correcting Obscured Vision with Eyelid Surgery

As patients mature, the eyes begin to show signs of aging, such as loose and droopy skin. The upper eyelids are likely to drop down toward the patient’s eyelash line. This can especially be of concern for patients who are genetically predisposed to this condition and those who already had heavy lids before aging and gravity began to take effect. In most patients, a heavy upper eyelid creates an aged, tired, or even angry appearance. In some patients, the effect is even more extreme. If the lids drop low enough, a patient’s field of vision can become obstructed, interfering with proper vision. This can make it difficult, and even unsafe in some cases, for patients to proceed with routine activities such as reading, working, and driving. While this is not a condition that can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, it can be corrected with surgery. Plastic surgeon Christopher J. Kovanda offers his Minneapolis patients eyelid surgery for obscured vision.


Almost any patient who is dissatisfied with the appearance of the eyes due to loose, sagging skin or overly heavy eyelids is a possible candidate for eyelid surgery. Those who are ideal candidates for eyelid surgery to correct obscured vision are those whose eyelids hang down below the eyelash line. In these cases, the skin of the eyelid seems to create a hood over the eyes. The excess skin actually creates a physical obstruction that partially blocks a patient’s vision, making it difficult for the patient to see things fully or clearly.

The Procedure

While eyelid surgery may involve correction of the upper lid, lower lid, or both, the surgery to repair obstructed vision will only require alterations to the upper eyelid. Dr. Kovanda uses the latest technological advances to make eyelid surgery safer and more accurate than a traditional blepharoplasty procedure. During the eyelid surgery procedure, Dr. Kovanda uses a CO2 laser, rather than a scalpel, to make an incision in the crease of the upper eyelid. Excess skin and tissue will be removed before closing the incision to create a smoother and more lifted eyelid. The laser that is used to make the incision simultaneously seals the blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics so that patients experience less pain, bruising, and swelling during recovery. This also reduces the recovery time so that patients can return to their normal routines more quickly.


Eyelid surgery eliminates excess skin and lifts the lids so that the eyelids are no longer a physical obstacle for vision. Patients who have undergone eyelid surgery for obstructed vision will benefit from the restoration of clear vision. As an added benefit, the patient will experience aesthetic improvements as well. Patients will appear more alert, refreshed, and youthful rather than tired or angry.

Schedule a Consultation

Eyelid surgery is primarily considered as a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the eyes, but for some patients, the procedure can have functional benefits as well. If you are struggling with obstructed vision as a result of low, heavy eyelids, schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher J. Kovanda at your earliest convenience to discuss the benefits of eyelid surgery. We look forward to hearing from you!

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