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What Can I Expect After a Mommy Makeover?

How do celebrities return to work so soon with flawless bodies after having a baby? It is a mystery to many. These stars have some of the most experienced, highly-rated plastic surgeons at their disposal to help them get back to their bodies quickly. Expectations like this have lead to the emergence of a popular […]

4 reasons why fall and winter are the best time for plastic surgery

Just like you would consider the time of year you take a vacation; it is important to do so for surgery. According to Robert Tornambe, a plastic surgeon in New York City, “it is wise to plan according to the season,” when considering cosmetic surgery. 1. It’s sweater weather After surgery you are required to […]

What you can do about after surgery scarring

You look amazing after surgery! You’re feeling better everyday and slowly gaining back your energy. But what about those scars left behind? There are many routes you can take with scar treatment. The way you treat scars can depend on many factors. Every body is different so everyone’s recovery after surgery is different. What kind […]

The hype about accreditation

Have you considered every aspect of your plastic surgery? You might think you have. However, something that easily slips people’s minds is where their surgery is taking place. Not all plastic surgeons are alike. Some don’t have in-office surgery centers. They might opt to do surgeries strictly in a hospital setting. Others may not have […]

A Tummy Tuck Testimonial

What if you could fix the thing that always catches your eye in the mirror? Maybe it makes you shy away from the camera. Or not want to wear the dress that used to be your favorite. With Dr. Kovanda’s help this can be possible! Kari’s Journey Kari decided it was time to make this […]

Halo Healing Therapies is your new go to massage spot

Whether your fresh out of surgery or not you’re going to want to know about Halo Healing Therapies. We always recommend Halo Healing Therapies to our patients after surgery. Getting the lymphatic massage they offer post operation is wonderful for the healing process. It reduces swelling and can lessen discomfort.   My experience Halo Healing Therapies […]

How to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

To maintain a healthier lifestyle and that perfect body, do not consider the holiday season as a time to slack off from your routine or use this as an opportunity to radically change your eating habits. While that cheat meal is okay, and you might eat a little more than usual at a holiday feast, […]

Bring out your Freshest Face to bring home the Bacon

Bring out your Freshest Face to bring home the Bacon

We meet with people every day who want to enhance some part of their body. Reasons for cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments vary widely, but at the core, we see the same thing: every one of us just wants to feel great about how we look. You may recognize this in yourself, and know that, […]

A Word about Trends

Trendsetters. These (usually famous) individuals are the people we are told we should be like. More precisely, we should look like them, because they are a reflection of true beauty. If you love watching trends, you may also find that there are at least a few that you inherently follow. Trends in fashion, makeup, the […]

Men Want to Look Great, Too!

Throughout the ages, the ideals surrounding aging have been quite associated quite differently with women than with men. Historically, there has been a higher standard, a more obvious expectation, that a woman will care for herself in a manner that allows her to maintain a youthful appearance. When she begins to look older, she can […]

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